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EST trip to see Megamind!


Megamind Movie Trip for EST Swimmers
Day:  This Saturday, November 13
Time: 12:25  (first showing of the day)  We are seeing the 3D version.
Purchase tickets ASAP on line at so we can all get tickets before they are sold out.
Cost: $11.50 for kids and 12.00 for adults for the 3D showings.  Purchasing on line with your credit card has a small surcharge. If you purchase them at the theatre in advance there is no surcharge.  This showing will probably sell out soon so please order them ASAP.  Young children should be attended by their parents, older sibling or a chaperone.  We can arrive anytime after 11:30 and line up.  The ushers let folks in about a half-hour before the movie starts so getting their early means you get prime seating.  The movie will end at around 2:15, leaving enough time to get to the YMCA practice at 3:00. Please remember your swim suit, goggles and towel.  We will not be using fins, mats, etc.
Ordering online means you must bring the barcode "ticket" printed from your computer. DO NOT FORGET THIS IF YOU ORDER ONLINE.