Practice location for week (11/15-11/20)

Practice location for the upcoming week (11/15-11/20):

Palos Verdes High School Pool:  Monday through Friday - 5:30pm

    Tuesday & Thursday - arrive wearing swimsuits, shorts, t-shirts & tennis shoes

REMINDER:  Please bring/pack a flashlight to light your walk to and from the pool!  Also, remember to
 dress warmly after practice - either wear or pack sweatpants, sweatshirt and don't forget to wear      shoes/sandals or boots!

Holiday gift idea:  Black Speedo backpacks with PVAC swimmer logo patch - limited quantity only 8 available (and sadly we will not be able to reorder these) - $45.00 each.  Please contact Patty if you'd like to have one - so don't hesitate if you've been thinking about a new swim gear bag!