High School State Results (CAT Swimmers)


This past weekend we had quite a few CAT Swimmers participating in the Florida High School State Meets in Orlando .  Here's how they did in their races:



200 Medley Relay

2A – Robert Slockett helped Osceola finish 9th when he split 23.57 on the Fr, which was he fastest time by over a second.

3A – Ryan McRae (Bk – 24.26), David Morgan (Br – 26.07), and Zach Perrotti (Fly – 23.40) helped Palm Harbor finish 4th overall and less than half a second out of first.



2A – Alex Wittman finished 18th, just two spots out of finals, when she went 2:00.10.

3A – Megan Rossi finished 12th with a 1:54.86 which was just slightly off her time from last week at Regions.  Nick Alexiou took 2nd and stopped the clock at 1:37.66, a new team record. Teo Boscaino finished 6th and dropped another second off his best time to go 1:43.14. Taylor Uselis swam his best time, 1:46.62, and finished in 18th.



2A – Robert swam his best time, 2:07.03, and finished 23rd.

3A – David finished in 5th place with a best time of 1:52.01.



3A – Matt Ellis took home the state title when he went a 20.58 which is also a new team record.



3A – Matt took him his second state title and set his second team record when he went 49.26.  Zach finished in 6th place with a 51.99, a new best time.



3A – Ryan took 2nd place with a best time of 46.38.



3A – Megan took 8th place with a 5:03.80, just a little off her season best time. Taylor finished 7th when he touched the wall at 4:39.43, a best time by four seconds.  Teo ended up in 10th place when he finished with a 4:42.90, which was another best time for him.



200Fr Relay

3A – Matt helped Countryside take the state title when he split 20.26 anchoring the relay. Ryan (21.70), Zach (22.60), and David (21.56) helped Palm Harbor finish in 3rd place.




3A – Kelli Swanson just missed making finals when she finished 17th, 1:00.58.  Ryan had another top 8 finish when he got 6th with a 52.32, another best time. Zach finished 10th when he went 53.50, which was also a best time.



2A – Alex just missed finals in her second individual race by finishing 21st with a 1:12.04.

3A – David got his second top 8 finish when he went 57.54 and finished 3rd.


400Fr Relay

2A – Alex helped Osceola finish 14th when she split 57.21, her fastest by seven seconds.

3A – Abbey King helped Palm Harbor finish 9th when she went 54.26, her fastest ever by almost two seconds.  Matt helped Countryside finish 2nd when he lead off the relay with a 45.02, a new team record.



As you can see, our swimmers did an outstanding job at the state meets this past weekend.  This is due to their hard work and dedication to be their best.  Congratulations everyone and keep it up!