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“Happy Holidays from PVAC ”

UCLA Westside & Cerritos Swim Meet

Congratulations to all of our team racers at the Winter Meets this season. You guys have been dropping time like a hot tamale keep up the great work your achievements can only be gained through dedication, discipline, and determination. There is not short cut to success, so stay on course and ride the waves of success. We had some great swims along with WAG, SCSRT, Sectional cuts made, JO times as well as PB drops.

Congratulations to our PVAC Championship team

Western Age Group  Championships Las Vegas, Nevada

Congratz to the following Swimmer who have qualified to represent PVAC in Las Vegas Nevada.

Sebastion Wagoner , Maddy Widman, Jon Wang,  Alex Kang, x Patty Camp


Wacky Weather

We must all continue to dress for the weather Parkas, sweats,  beanies, etc are a must. Although we may get a little sunshine the hill is still brisk when you jump out of the water. So please bring warm clothes so we can all stay healthy and refrain from getting sick.  Swimmer and parents don’t forget  to pick up your parkas and sweatshirts to keep warm during the winter months. Make sure to drink lots of fluids and keep your vitamin C intake high.  

Stay fit and Active during the thanksgiving Break

Get to practice as mush as possible, we know many of you may be out of town enjoying treats and great home cooked meals, But don’t throw away all your hard work this season  away by indulging  in sweat, succulent, treats. Go for a run, or a walk, get the family involved play a game outside and enjoy nature or follow this regimen.

Green Group  2x (5min run, 5 push ups, 5, sit ups, 5 squats)

Black Group  3x (10min run, 10 push ups, 10, sit ups, 10 squats 30 sec. body Planks core strength )

Gold Silver  Group  4x (10min run, 25 push ups, 25, sit ups, 25 squats 30 sec. body Planks core strength  25 Good Mornings, 100 abs your choice)

Senior Group  4x (15min run, 50 push ups, 50, sit ups, 50squats 30 sec. body Planks core strength  50 Good Mornings, 200 abs your choice)


Check out this Great Article

Published by The American Swimming Coaches Association

5101 NW 21 Ave., Suite 200

Fort Lauderdale FL 33309


Playing Favorites

By John Leonard 

One day a few years ago, a club board member accused me of “having favorites” on our club team. Several other parent board members nodded their heads in agreement The implication was that this was a terrible sin. When I was a younger coach, I thought it was terrible also. And he was right. I did have favorites. My favorites were those athletes who most fervently did what I asked of them. Those that did, I gave more attention to. I talked to them more. I spent more time teaching them. I also expected more of them.

The implication that he was making was that my favorites got better than the others because they were my favorites, and that was somehow unfair. He mistook cause for effect.

The fact is, that the athletes who came to me ready to learn, ready to listen, ready to act on what they learned and try it my way -- even if it was more challenging and more difficult than they imagined -- were ready to get more out of our program. And they were my favorites.

As a coach, I have only one thing to offer to an athlete. That is, my attention. Which means that I attend to their needs. The reward for good behavior should be attention . . . attending to their needs. The consequence of inattention, lack of effort, unwillingness or unreadiness to learn or just plain offensive or disruptive behavior is my inattention to that athlete.

 How could it be other than this? If you have three children, and you spend all of your time and energy working with the one that is badly behaved, what does that tell your other two children? It tells them that to capture your attention, they should behave badly. What we reward, is what we get.

As a coach, I want athletes who are eager to learn, eager to experiment to improve, and eager to work hard. I want athletes who come to me to help develop their skills both mental and physical, and are willing to accept what I have to offer. Otherwise, why have they come to me? And I am going to reward that athlete with my attention. In so doing, I encourage others to become like the athlete above. If I spent my time with the unwilling, the slothful, the disruptive, I would only be encouraging that behavior.

The link I want to forge is between attention and excellence. Excellence in the sense of achieving all that is possible, and desired. My way of forging that, is to provide my attention to those who “attend” to me. This does, of course, result in increased performance for those that do so. I am a professional coach, and when I pay attention to a person, that person is going to improve. Over time, this makes it appear that my “favorites” are the better swimmers. Not so at all. The better swimmers are those that pay attention, and thus become my favorites.

What the above mentioned board member didn’t realize is that you must have favorites if anyone is to develop in a positive fashion. The coach’s job is to reward those who exhibit positive developmental behaviors. Those are my “favorites,” and they should be.

What’s Next for PVAC

Team entries due for TSM

Team entries due for WAG Champs

Holiday Party


PVAC Hosted Swim Meet On The Hill

See ya on the pool Deck

GO Frogs !!!