Tri Training Group Start December 1st

The New Tri-Training Group part of Lake Washington Masters starts Wednesday December 1st at Redmond Aquatics Center!






The Tri-Training Group

We are a subgroup of the Lake Washington Masters, and an on-going program of development for Tri-athletes.  We provide top-notch instructional swimming and circuit based dry-land training that has been developed and proven to get you into your best swim fitness possible.


We use the Redmond Aquatic Center as our home base, and our group trains year-around, building up in skill-complexity and conditioning intensity over 12-week cycles.  Practices are always challenging, so drop-ins not only allowed, but encouraged! 


Our goal is to provide a helpful and results-oriented, cutting-edge system, that is beneficial at all experience levels.  Our training and instruction are oriented toward increasing not only over-all strength and endurance, but improved stroke technique resulting in greater efficiency: increased leverage, and energy economy.






 Workouts Monday- Friday 6:00am-7:30am at Redmond Aquatics Center

Saturday 10am-11:15am at Juanita Aquatics Center