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SCSC Weekly Chlorine Week of 11/29/10


Schedule for Week of 11/29/10
MWF Swim 5:30-6:30am

Mon-Fri Swim 3:30-5:30pm
Mon-Fri Dryland
Sat Swim 6-8:30am
Mon-Fri Swim 3:30-5:30pm

MTWTh Dryland 5:30-6:15pm
Sat Swim 6-8:30am
Blue Bell (boys and girls)
MWF Dryland 5-5:30pm

Mon-Fri Swim 5:30-7:30pm
Yellow Bell
Session 1: Mon-Fri Swim 4:30-6:00pm

Session 2: Mon-Fri Swim 6:00-7:30pm
White Bell
Mon-Fri 5:00-6:00pm

Junior Bell

Mon-Fri 6:00-7:00pm (Saratoga)

M/W 4:00-5:00pm (Wilson)

Upcoming Events

12/1: deadline to enter WAVE C/B/A Meet
12/2-5: Husky Invitational @ Seattle, WA (Gold/Nat’l)

12/3-5: JO’s (14 & Under) @ Pleasanton (qualifiers only)
12/9-11: Speedo Junior Champs @ Atlanta, GA (Nat’l qualifiers)
12/10-12: Pacific Senior T&F @ Pleasant Hill (Gold/Silver)
12/11-12: WAVE C/B/A @ Morgan Hill
1/14-17: Texas Grand Prix @ Austin, TX (Junior Nat’l or better)
1/15-16: ZONE Champs
1/29-30: SCSC Senior II Meet @ SCSC


Due to Junior Olympics, there will be no White, Yellow or Blue Bell practice.

14&u Junior Olympics this weekend!

Good luck all athletes participating in the Junior Olympics Championship meet this weekend! Please be at the meet no later than 7:45am. Make sure you check-in at the check-in desk and check-in with your coaches so they know you're there! The coaches will be Coach Erik, Coach Luba, Coach Carlene and Coach Steve. The meet is at the Dolores Bengston Aquatic Center, 4455 Black Ave., Pleasanton and the meet sheet can be found here: (meet sheet contains directions, location, other information about the meet, etc.) Get excited for some fast swimming!

Husky Invite

Athletes competing at the Husky Invite, please be at the airport 1.5 hours before departure.


The Zone meet January 15-16 is one of our mandatory annual team FUNctions! This year, there is a new rule to make sure that swimmers are experienced to prepare for the big meet: you must have swam in a meet BEFORE you go to Zones. Since this is a mandatory event for all swimmers (except for our developmental swimmers), please sign up for a C/B/A meet before Zones!


No news!


No news!

Blue Bells - boys

No Saturday practice!

Blue Bells - girls

Good job to all girls who swam at the GGST C/B/A+ and DACA meet! Everyone should join the fun of swim meets! Remember, warm up is an important part of the swim meet; not only does a proper warm up help to prevent injuries, but it is also your last chance before your race to do dive, turns and/or stroke work with your coach. Plus, warming up with teammates is part of the fun! Also, remember to check out with your coach before you leave the meet. Sometimes meets have team relays at the end  and you won't to miss the fun!

Yellow Bells

Great job on those 25s this week! NOTICE: Yellow Bell dryland will stop as of Tuesday the 30th due to weather constraints. There is also no Saturday practice due to Junior Olympics.

White Bells

No Saturday practice!

Junior Bells

No news!


We had 318 best times last weekend at the GGST meet along with several new PRT, FW and JO cuts! Congratulations to:


Zaal Engineer 100Fr

Sidhant Idgunji 200Br
Leeza Shashkova 500Fr

Marzuq Khan 200Fr

David McKenna 500Fr
Leeza Shashkova 400IM
Janet Tran 500Fr, 100IM
Nathan Yates 50Br

Catie Bates 100IM

Brianna Fu 50Br, 200Fr
Mai McKenna 50Bk
Hayley O’Brien 100Fl, 50Bk
Leeza Shashkova 200IM, 100IM
Celia Tang 200Br
Angelee Winn 100Br
Benjamin Winn 100Fl
Nehemi Winn 50Fl

SCSC’s Tip of the Week

This weekend is one of the big championship meets for our team! Here are some things to remember when going to a big meet:

  • EAT! It’s hard for cars to move without some sort of fuel, and your body is the same way! Make sure you eat a good, healthy breakfast and space small snacks/mini-meals throughout the day.
  • HYDRATE! Make sure you are hydrating throughout the day and this week before the meet!
  • REST! Make sure you rest, especially between sessions. You may be staying in a hotel and you may want to play with your friends in the hotel pool or go out shopping in between sessions, but keep it to a minimum, especially if you have to race that night and/or need to continue racing another day or two.
  • WARM UP! Make sure you get a proper warm-up! Think about how much warm-up you do in practice... your initial meet warm-up should be comparable to that!
  • WARM DOWN! Make sure you get a proper warm-down! All of that burning that creeps into your muscles when you’re racing is lactic acid and you need to work that out after you race! Warm down, get warm, and THEN go talk to your coach!
  • STAY WARM! pt. 1 This is not summertime. You need to be warm whenever you’re not in the pool. If you are shivering and wearing 5 layers of clothing, maybe go hop in the shower (quickly!) to bring your internal body temperature up. If you’re still a little chilly, try drinking some hot liquids, like broth, hot chocolate or cider. Bring a thermos of hot water with you! If you like coffee or tea, get decaf; caffeinated drinks will dehydrate you.
  • STAY WARM! pt. 2 You should be so warm before your races that the cool air should feel good. Keep your shoes or sandals on until the very last moment to avoid the freezing ground and if there’s a delay, bundle back up and jump around; stay loose!
  • HAVE FUN AND CHEER! This is a team event and we are here to score points! Make sure you always check to see if you’re on a relay and cheer your teammates on (in moderation) when they’re swimming if you’re available!

Thanks for reading, see you next week!