Happy 2011! A few reminders ...

Happy 2011!

A gentle reminder to all that team dues are due on the 1st of the month and are considered late if received after the 10th of the month.  January 1 is the beginning of the next Tri-Pay Plan payment.  Remember that this covers the months of January/February/March/April. 

Fees (both monthly and tri-pay) are as follows:

Green & Masters Groups - $100.00/month

Black Group:  $130.00/month or tri-pay of $460.00

Silver Group:  $140.00/month or tri-pay of $460.00

Gold Group:  $150.00/month or tri-pay of $480.00

Senior Group:  $160.00/month or tri-pay of $480.00

**High School Swimmers ONLY:  Your tri-pay plan payment is $240.00 - which offers the opportunity for high school swimmers to supplement their high school workouts with club swimming (Saturday workouts-which many high school teams do not do). 

LAST but certainly not less important....Please do not drive or park down at the lower gates!! You may park in the UPPER PARKING lot above the gym/pool area.  High school boys & girls basketball season is in season - as well as boys & girls soccer - PVAC has received many complaints from the school staff that our parents are blocking the way out of their parking spaces.  The blacktop near the pool is now a construction site for the new bleachers that are being installed.  PLEASE exercise caution while on campus.  There are many new/temporary fences up - so parking in the UPPER lot and utilizing the staircase next to the sand volleyball courts may be a sound solution.  REMEMBER to bring FLASHLIGHTS!!!!

Again - Happy 2011!  See you on deck!!!!  GO FROGS!!!!!!!!!