Food drive sprint to the end!!

 February 1, 2011

Hello again, Neptune Families,

Well, I wanted to thank everyone who contributed to our final food drive plea.  Special thanks go to both Reid Whaley and Jordan Jayne!  Please contact your coaches to set up your swim lessons.  

I'm hoping to receive from Redwood Empire Food Bank our grand total of canned food that was donated.  In the meantime, I am very grateful to all our families who supported our Food Drive.  

All the best for a wonderful year!
Lisa Banks


January 11, 2011

Dear Neptune Families,


Happy New Year!  Have you made any New Year resolutions?  Well, we have a New Year challenge for you….and it will only last until the end of January, but will, hopefully, have a positive impact on your lives for a lifetime.


The Neptune challenge is to reignite our commitment to our Fill the Toaster Food Drive and to help the REFB in its efforts to stop hunger in Sonoma County.  There exist the same families in Sonoma County who still need our help after the holidays and during the year to meet their food requirements.  So, the immediate challenge is to continue bringing in your canned foods to fill our Food Drive barrels.  The long lasting, lifetime challenge is to recognize that the spirit of the holidays begins in the heart and should not last only one or even a few days, but should continue everyday.  Our hope is that each family continues to see those around them who are in need and reach out to give them a hand.


In recognition of your commitment to the challenge, our dedicated coaches have offered one free swim lesson to the swimmer in each group who brings in the most canned food donations.  In that effort, over the next few weeks, I will be collecting food bags at Ridgway beginning on Wednesday, 1/12 and Thursday, 1/13 and continuing each Wednesday and Thursday until January 27 from 4pm-5pm each day.  The barrels will be emptied for the last time on January 31.  I will then announce our group winners on Monday, January 31.


Please put any food items in a brown paper bag with your name printed clearly on the sides so it’s easy to recognize and credit those who donated food.


Once again, thank you for coming together to making this Food Drive a success!  We are truly more than just a team of athletes – we are a team of swimmers reaching out and making a difference in our community!