Letter from club president re:Auto pay



Hello Neptune Families -               


I am writing with regards to our new ACH/Credit Card billing system for dues and other expenses.  First, I would like to thank all of you for signing up to participate.  This program is a big step forward in our organization’s ability to manage cash flow, minimize processing costs and time, and to have up to date financial reports available.  While the transition has been bumpy for some, this new program will help give us the ability to better manage our finances and to put us in a position to better maximize our resources.  It is our intention to maintain and build the services that we provide to swimmers.  In order to do so we must be as efficient with our finances as possible and we are confident that once we are through this transition we will be a stronger team financially.


We are aware of the difficulties in change and that the new billing going into effect immediately following the holidays caught some families off guard.  We will make sure that no one is penalized unfairly with fees.  However, please know that it is very important that you have the fees in your account by the second of each month.  If you cannot have the monies in the account by that time please contact me or Dan to make arrangements for another form of payment.  Furthermore, it is very important that you monitor your account through Team Unify.  If you have any questions about charges to your account please let Dan or me know immediately so that if there is a mistake we can have it fixed in a timely manner.  We will get a FAQ page up on the team web site soon and will include more info about the billing process.


I would again like to thank you for participating and for your ongoing support of the Neptune swim team.  Please do not hesitate to email me with any questions,  You can also contact Coach Dan Greaves or our Treasurer Albert Yu.


Good luck to the swimmers this weekend.


Go Neptunes!


On behalf of the Neptune Board of Directors,


Jason Miller

President, Neptune BOD