2012 LAC Partners & Links
Weekly Update


Greetings Aquacowboys Swimmers , Parents and Coaches.  It’s been a great week of training following our welcome back week in which we got into the flow of practices again, learned some things about success from the ledgendary coach John Wooden, and reset our goals to match our current levels of excellence. 

Here is a quote for the week: 

“You are what you repeatedly do.  Excellence therefore is not an act, but a habit.”  -Aristotle

Special thanks to Steve Roddy for attending the Zone 2 meetings, for gathering important information about rules and regulations in our Zone, and for helping us be eligible to bid on meets.  Alex Hamza also did a great job of this when he was in the position.  Thanks to the Board for taking time this week to go over budget details and to plan for our future. 

Here are some upcoming events for our team : 

Jan. 15-16 Cal Invit.   (Senior and select Junior athletes)  This is a trials and finals meet held at Speiker Aquatic Complex on Bancroft Avenue on the Cal Berkeley Campus.  It will be a great opportunity for our swimmers to compete with high level competition in a great pool. 

Jan. 22-23 SRVLA CBA+ This is a meet for all non-Senior athletes where new best times will be achieved and where we can practice excellence of attitude, effort and skill. 

Feb. 5-6 Zone 2 Championships   This meet is for all LAC athletes with B times or better.  We will be swimming relays at this meet and it is a team scoring meet.  We are looking for full team participation from qualifying athletes.  As of writing, meet sheet has not yet been posted.  It is expected to be posted some time soon. 

Feb. 22 LAC annual bowling night  This has become a tradition for our team.  We will spend 4-6 pm at Granada Bowl in celebration of a great team effort at Zone 2’s. 


Here are some highlights from the groups Coach Lisa works with: 

Pre-Comp : It's been great to meet a new group of athletes. They have done a great job working in with the Novice Black swimmers. We are learning new drills, lane etiquette, and racing skills. Crewe has done great with the rhythm of butterfly. Maya has shown a great, loud, fast freestyle kick. Jack D. has learned how to efficiently leave the wall from ready position.

Novice Black: What great leaders the Novice Black athletes have been in helping the Pre-Comp swimmers adjust! Melinda has demonstrated great body position in her freestyle. Daiki has consistently been our fastest kicker. Nick C. has improved his freestyle distance per stroke. And  Sophia B. has stepped up to be a lane leader!

Juniors:  Leaning on John Wooden's definition of success and coming to practice everyday to show up, honor our teammates with our effort, and do things correctly I am excited for this next phase of training! We have been focused on the details and are still be able to expand our efforts in some tough sets. Victoria M. swam a lifetime best 100 free at the end of practice. Desiree was able to hit 200 JO back pace. I loved to see no fear of failure as Rachel, Caroline, Tori, and Romane attempted a challenging interval for our 20x100's. Sarah and Brianna have had some inspirational swims when the going got tough. Turner and Jared B. have
swam outside their comfort zones, and set new standards for
themselves. Sydney put great effort on some hypoxic dolphin kick. Keep up the great work Juniors on this next phase to reach JO's in March and Far Westerns in April.

Here are some highlights from the groups I work with: 

Novice Gold:   Wow, what a bunch of go getters this group has been.  Dante and Gabriel have begun to develop excellent butterfly techniques and are regularly leaders and industrious workers in our group.  Paige continues to have consistent attendance, coming on Tues and Thurs mornings when he can’t make it in the afternoons.  Larissa has elevated her training greatly this last week and has begun to lead her lane.  Romane has been able to race with the best of them on fast swims.  Jared Hill continues to shine in race situations and is learning how to have a steady kick on backstroke.  It’s been great to see Zander lead on sets and to push his limits.  Remember Novice swimmers that next week we will begin using Snorkels in Practice.  This will help us maintain great technique without having to compromise our strokes while we breathe.  If your swimmer does not have a snorkel, please buy one for him/her.  They are available in the pro-shop at LVTC or online.  Great week Novice Gold, we are looking forward to some awesome swims at SRVLA! 

Senior Group :  On Tuesday 1/11/2011, we did 111 100’s to celebrate the new year.  In the morning we did 45 and in the afternoon we did 66.  This was a great day for our group and many of our swimmers were able to extend themselves into new territory.  The swimmers who completed all 111 100’s were:  Natalie, Katie, Evan, Trent, Haley, Nina, Andrew and Cat.  In the morning, Natalie was able to do 3 100’s of fly holding 1:03, 1:02, 1:00 on the 1:35.  She was also the only swimmer to make 15 100’s on the 1:10 at the end of the set at night.  Trent did a 3,000 straight IM in addition to the 111 100’s.  Haley made 10 100’s on the 1:10, the second most in our group.  Nina swam a 1:03 100 IM at the end of the set.  Cat was the lone Junior Swimmer who completed the set.  It was inspiring to see the effort of this group of athletes.  Andrew continues to excel in the weight room and on sprint sets.  We had some great volunteer coaching from Kylie with the breaststrokers this week.  We are looking forward to some good swimming this weekend at Cal where we will measure our success on our attitude and effort and on performing skills correctly.  

Thanks to all Parents and swimmers for your dedication to this team .  It is inspiring to watch young people doing their best to become the best they are capable of becoming on a daily basis.  Have a great week! 

Coach Alex