2012 LAC Partners & Links
Weekly Update


Greetings Aquacowboy Families!  It’s been a great week of training after the Cal Invit. and leading up to the SRVLA CBA+ meet.  Our attendance has been consistent and we have added some new swimmers to our groups.  Welcome V.J., Chloe, Max, Christina, Jillian, and Victoria who are all either on try outs, or have joined our team.  We are happy to have you here. 

Here is a quote for the week in honor of Martin Luther King Day: 

“All labor that uplifts humanity has dignity and importance and should be undertaken with painstaking excellence.”  -M.L.K.

Thank you all parents for undertaking the most important job in the world, to raise great kids.  Thank you swimmers for doing your best each day at school, with your friends and families, and in the pool! 

Here are some highlights from the Cal Invitational: 

Best times were achieved by Sarah Swanson, Andrew Hayes, Jenna Chew, Alex Gonzalez and Shelby Swanson. 

Best unshaved/unrested times were achieved by Natalie Wong, Katie Kulp, Nina Hayes, Brendan Schierloh, Nathan Boas, Trent Trump, and Haley Hamza. 

LAC swimmers made over 30 finals

Nina Hayes placed 2nd in the 100 back

Andrew Hayes placed 5th in the 100 free

Trent Trump swam 7 events in Finals

We were very happy with the team effort at this meet and look forward to great swims at Zone 2 Championships

Here is a list of upcoming events: 

SRVLA CBA+ meet-  we are looking forward to some great swims by Pre-Comp, Novice and Jr swimmers here.  9 and over please be at the meet by 7:30, 8&under by 8:30

Jan 29th Saturday Peer Mentoring-  we still have several spots left for a free lesson with Senior/Junior swimmers.  Novice and Pre-Comp swimmers can sign up at the swim office door. 

Feb 5-6 Zone 2 Championsips-  This is a team meet.  All swimmers with B times or better who are not planning on swimming summer league are expected to sign up.  Entries close on Monday January 24th.  Please enter the maximum number of events you are qualified for.  COACHES WILL ENTER RELAYS. 

Feb. 19-20 Santa Cruz Senior Meet-  Must have Senior time standards to enter

Feb 22nd  LAC bowling night 4-6 pm at Granada Bowl  


Here are some highlights from the groups Coach Lisa works with: 

Pre-Comp:  Its great to be able to develop consistent habits.  Repetition with basic details is the best foundation for young athletes.  Streamlining, leaving the wall, kicking, and finishing are things essential in all 4 strokes.  Crew, Ella, Jack, Maya, and Sasha continue to make quality repetitions and develop racing skills.


Novice Black:  We have a swim meet this weekend at SRVLA, 8 and Unders may arrive at 8:30.  Our next meet is Zone 2 Champs, February 5-6.  If you are not planning on swimming summer league, please sign up for Zone 2’s now.  This meet requires B times, is team scored, and will have relays.  We have reviewed our starts, turns, and finishes this week.  Melinda has developed a very efficient breast/fly turn.  Jessica A.’s gross motor skills are evident in how she can control a side streamline with no kicking the farthest in the group.  Nick C. swam a best time in the 50 free, under :45 seconds.  Sarah B. swam a 50 free in under 1:00 for the first time this week.  Natasha has now mastered the breaststroke kick, with much effort. Keep up the great work guys!


Juniors: I look forward to a weekend of racing this weekend.  Please sign up for the next meet; Zone 2 Champs February 5-6.  Please sign up for EVERY EVENT POSSIBLE. This is a team scored meet, and we want every opportunity to score points and race fast.  Some highlights from this week are Sofia M. swimming a lifetime best in the 100 free by 7 seconds at the end of practice.  Jared B.’s efficiency on his flipturns has improved with discipline and strength. Allie became our first Junior to go under 1:30 in a 100 flutter kick with a board!  Brianna, inspired by her teammate, joined Allie under 1:30 on the following 100.  Matthew challenged our best kickers and dropped over 10 seconds off his average kicking time.  AnneMarie stepped up as a lane leader, and has really worked on her breaststroke turn.  Megan F. has improved her backstroke turns and tempo.  We all continue to learn more about racing strategies, paces, and improving everyday.


Here are some highlights from the groups I work with: 

Novice Gold:  The Novice Gold kids have been doing great in practice, becoming better and better listeners and putting out excellent effort on sets.  Collin averaged 1:36’s on 5x100 flutter kick, Christopher  averaged 1:29’s on 5x100 freestyle swim.  Celine averaged 1:28’s on 5x100 freestyle swim.  Dante and Larissa have done a great job leading their lanes.  Kendalyn and Megan had great practices yesterday and are giving better efforts in practice.  If you are not planning on swimming summer league, please enter Zone 2 Championships ASAP.  We are looking forward to a great weekend at SRVLA and another great Zone 2 Champs. 

Senior Group:  The Senior group continues to put out focused and intent practices.  We are doing a great job with our starts and turns and are having some awesome practice performances.   Andrew swam a 22.5 50 free.  Trent averaged 1:11 in 6x100 flutter with a board and held 9x 100 freestyle under 1:00 with a 55 on the last swim.  Natalie and Shelby have put in some great butterfly practices.  Brendan is getting stronger in the weight room and has had some awesome breastroke performances.  Evan held 8x50 at 32 or better breastroke.  Shahini held 8x50 at 38 or better breastroke with a 35 on the last one.  Haley and Katie have put in some tough distance sets, including doing 3x300 free with fins and paddles putting number three under 3:00.  We are looking forward to an awesome Zone 2 meet and a great Cabrillo Threshers Sr meet. 

Thanks to all swimmers, parents, coaches for helping our team become great.  Thanks to the board for spending extra time working on our team’s budget.  Thanks to LVTC for your support of our team.  Thanks to everyone who helps these kids be the best they can be!    

Coach Alex