Week of January 23, 2011

Practice changes week of January 23, 2011

·         Saturday January 29 – No Practice for Novice due to the Hogan Mini Meet

·          Senior Morning Practice Mon, Wed & Fri 5:15-6:45am


·          We have a critical need for parent volunteers for the Hogan Mini Meet.   As a parent run organization, we rely on our awesome parents to ensure the success of our team sponsored events.  Please help!

·          We are in need of a parent to co-chair concessions for the Hogan meet – please contact Helene Williams at if you can fill this vital role.  We already have one parent who has volunteered to co-chair.  Thank you!

·         There are over 65 volunteer openings for the Hogan Mini Meet this weekend.  Please log in to the MAC website, click on the Meets tab, select Hogan Mini Meet, select Job Sign Up and choose your job! We need your help! 

·         From the MAC Financial Policy Effective 9/1/2010: Each family is required to supply a volunteer for a minimum of three (3) sessions at a MAC-hosted meet during the September to August swim season regardless of whether or not your child is swimming in the meet. The two eligible meets which count toward a family’s volunteer obligation are the Winter Frolics Meet held in December and the Hogan Meet held in late January or early February. No other volunteer time will count toward this obligation. If your family absolutely cannot volunteer during either of the meets, it is your responsibility to make arrangements and communicate in writing well before the meet with the Meet Director and or Volunteer Coordinator to arrange to help with a job prior to or after the conclusion of the meet. There is no guarantee that that a job will be available prior to and after the meet. Families who do not comply with this requirement (you must work 3 sessions) will receive supplemental billing after the meet with an assessment of $75.00 per session.