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Weekly Update

Greetings All Aquacowboys Families!  As we head into our Zone 2 Championship meet at Moraga, our swimmers are picking up a lot of momentum.  The Livermore Aquacowboys are a part of Pacific Swimming, the 3rd largest LSC in United States Swimming.  Every year many swimmers from Pacific Swimming recieve scholarships, make National Cuts, and every four years, compete in the US Olympic Trials.  Within Pacific Swimming, we are in Zone 2.  Zone 2 is arguably the 1st or 2nd fastest Zone in Pacific Swimming.  This weekend we get to compete in our Zone championships and see how we stack up with some of the best teams in the country.  Last year we were able to secure a top ten finish with our relatively small team.  This year we are hoping for an even better team performance.  Unfortunately this year, the Zone planned the meet for Super Bowl Weekend.  We are appreciative of the families who will still attend the meet on Sunday because you will greatly help our team performance.  Here is a quote for the week: 

"The ratio of We's to I's is the best indicator of the development of a team." 

-Lewis B. Ergen

Here is some important information about Zone 2 Relays.  If you are not entered in the meet on Sunday but would like to swim in a relay please contact coach Alex or coach Lisa immediately as we are trying to put relays together for Sunday. 

Zone 2 Relays: 

Relays are $2.25 per person per relay, please bring CASH in envelope to Emily with your name on it ASAP

Saturday 100/ 200 Medley Relay (order may be changed at meet) -

8&un girls:  Jessica, Sarah, Megan, Paige

8&un boys:  William, Taber, Daiki, Jack

9-10 girls:  Sydney, Tori, Caroline, Julia

9-10 boys:  Matthew, Zander, Chris, Paige

11-12 girls:  Megan, Allie, Sarah, Taylor

11-12 girls:  Nicolette, Victoria, AnneMarie, Sophia

13-14 girls:  Haley, Shahini, Katie, Jenna

13-14 girls:  Brianna, Adrianna, Cat, Desiree

15-18 boys:  Evan, Brendan, Andrew, Nathan


Sunday 100/ 200 Free Relay (order may be changed at meet)-


8&un girls:  -  not enough participants

8&un boys:  - not enough participants

9-10 girls:  Sydney, Tori, Caroline, (Julia, Jacqueline, Katie, Megan, who can come on Sunday?) 

9-10 boys:  Matthew, Collin, Jared, Gabe

11-12 girls:  Megan, Sarah, (who can come on Sunday) 

13-14 girls:  Haley, Shanini, Jenna, Katie

13-14 girls:  Cat, Brianna, Desiree, (who can come on Sunday) 

15-18 boys:  Evan, Brendan, Andrew, Nathan


Here is some information about the meet: 


The meet will be held at Campolindo high school in Moraga. 


There will be All-Star selection from Zone 2's for 8&un, 9-10 and 11-12.  Please fill out an application regardless of whether you think you will make it, many swimmers from our team have made this meet in the past. 


9&up please arrive ready to be in the warm up pool by 7:30am each day.  8&un please arrive by 8:30am each day. 


Wear warm clothes with LAC logo.  Wear shoes with socks, parkas, hats, gloves.  A warm body is able to swim much faster than a cold one. 


Check in with coaches before and after every race. 


Make sure to eat something after each warm down throughout the day. 


Cheer for teammates, honor your teammates with your effort, have fun. 


Here is some information about the groups Coach Lisa works with: 


Pre-Comp: We’ve had an exciting week working on our breast kick, starting to learn a freestyle flip turn, and joining the Novice Black in a challenging set of 10x25’s! It’s always a learning experience as we develop listening skills and repeated patterns, which can be used in different areas of life.

Novice Black: We had an awesome swim meet by our 8&Unders at SRVLA last weekend.  Jessica Akins got 4 out of 5 best times, dropped nearly 8 seconds in her 50 free, and received 3 new B time standards.  Daiki Nishikawa got 3 new best times, competed in the 50 back and 50 free for the first time, and got 1 new B time standard.   Jack Rehberger got 2 new best times, dropping over 6 seconds in his 50 back.  Its great to see these athletes getting more race experience, keeping a positive attitude at long meets, and trying new events.

Junior: It’s great for athletes to see that good attendance, hard work, and good technique pays off! We had many breakthrough swims this weekend.  Tori Carroll got 100% best times in 7 events, earned her first JO cut in the 50 breast, and was close to JO’s in several other races! Caroline Eckel got 3 out of 4 best times, a new JO cut in the 50 fly, and is 1 second off the JO in the 100 free. Sydney Megann got 100% best times in 4 events and a new JO cut in the 100 back.  Matthew Hayes got 3 new best times, dropped over 7 seconds in the 200 free, and is 1 second off the 100 free JO time. Taylor Brennan got 4 new best times, a new JO cut in the 50 free, and was 2 seconds away from JO’s her first time swimming the 200 breast.  Allie Clark got 4 new best times, 2 new Far Western cuts in the 100 and 200 breast, and dropped 8 seconds in the 200 IM, only 2 seconds from JO’s.  Megan Fairbanks got 4 new best times, 1 new JO cut in the 50 free, and dropped 4 seconds in the 200 IM.  Rachel Roddy got 6 out of 7 best times, dropped 36 seconds in the 200 free, and nearly 55 seconds in the 200 IM! Alex Gonzalez got 3 out of 4 best times, a new JO cut in the 100 breast, and a new Far Western cut in the 200 IM with a 4 second drop! Ben Rocha had 100% best times and had nearly a 3 second drop in the 100 free.  Jenna Chew got 2 new best times, a new A time in the 100 back, and dropped nearly 5 seconds in the 200 IM. Brianna Reynolds got 5 out of 6 best times, dropped over 5 seconds in the 200 back, and almost 1.5 seconds in the 50 free.  Adrianna Rocha swam the meet sick, and showed great fortitudinous in swimming through all events. Morgan Roddy was right on all her best times, and dropped 5 seconds in her 500 free.   Should set us up for a great Zone 2 Champs February 5-6 with many fast relays, and All-Star qualifiers!

Here is some information about the groups I work with: 

Novice Gold:  Novice Gold swimmers had a great meet at SRVLA, with many best times and new time standards.  Gable Akins got a new A time in the 50 fly, Paige daCosta had new best times in every event, including a huge drop in the 200 free, Taber daCosta had several new best times, Christopher Gonzalez continues to inch his way toward JO times, Jared Hill has made some huge improvements as of late and is becoming an awesome butterflier.  Megan Hill's focus in practice has greatly increased and we are looking forward to seeing some great races from her at Zone 2's, Megan Wilcox, Kendalyn, and Celine have all begun to increase their effort in practice and this will show in their next meet.  Collin Trump is poised for breakthrough swims in many events.  Larissa Trump has been giving great efforts in practice and it showed at SRVLA as she dropped time in every event.  Zander Bass continues to be a leader in the group.  We are excited to see which Novice Gold Swimmer will be the next to make a JO time as we now have several who are within a few seconds of the standard. 

Senior Group:  We had one of our best weeks of training for the season last week, with several swimmers achieving at or near lifetime bests in a challenge swim on Friday.  After a tough week of training, we had a challenge swim in which each swimmer had to come within 5 seconds of his/her best time in a 100.  Haley Hamza, Andrew Hayes, Evan Carlo, and Nathan Boas all matched or exceeded their best times.  Natalie Wong, Nina Hayes, Katie Kulp, and Trent Trump were all within 2 seconds of their best times, Shahini Ananth and Brendan Schierloh were within 4 seconds of their best times.  The swimmers then got up the next morning to put 20 100's at a goal pace on the 1:45 holding their heart rates at a certain target.  We continue to improve on stroke technique, strength, flexibility and mental toughness.  We are also becoming great on the walls with turn work every day.  On Saturday morning, Katie Kulp and Evan Carlo did a great job with a stroke clinic for 7 of our Novice swimmers.  We are looking forward to seeing powerful Leadership this weekend at the Zone 2 meet, first by example and second by encouraging and mentoring our younger swimmers.  Let's make Zone 2's a special experience for everyone by being the best we can be in every way. 

*The girls locker rooms have been cleaner the past few weeks.  Thanks LAC swimmers and parents for helping us respect this great facility. 

Thanks all LAC members for doing your part to help our team become great.  Thank you parents for the daily sacrifices you make to support your children.  We are poised to take a leap forward as a team and excited about what's ahead! 

Coach Alex