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Weekly Update

Greetings all Aquacowboys families.  Because we have an important meet this weekend and are sure to have a lot of highlights to talk about after the meet, this will be a very brief update.  Early next week we will do a full update where we talk about the performances at our Zone 2 Championships. 

Here is a great quote from John Wooden:  "When we have noble goals, we prioritize the bigger picture.  As a result, people with noble goals tend to bring the team and others along with them while they climb the ladder of success." 

This year will be the fourth Zone 2 meet of the newly incarnated Livermore Aquacowboys swim team.  In our first year we had about 15 swimmers participate.  We won the small team's division at the meet.  In our second year, we had about 25 swimmers participate, we won the small team's division that year as well.  Last year we had over thirty swimmers participate and we were placed in the large team division.  In that division we broke in to the top 10 for the first time.  This was a great achievement for our team considering that we compete with several teams in our Zone who have over 300 swimmers on their roster. 

This year we will bring about 40 kids to Zone 2's on Saturday and about 25 on Sunday.  I as head coach of the team take responsibility for the lack of participation on Sunday.  I have not done a good job of educating team members about the importance of this meet.  Zone 2's is the one meet we have each year where the whole team, from 8&under to 17-18 can compete in a scored championship.  It is our chance to shine as a group and see our progress in a highly competitve swimming region.  It is our chance to do cheers, to put something on the line that has implications for more people than just ourselves.  Most importantly, in this highly individualized sport, it is our chance to feel what it's like to be on a team and to strive together for a common goal.  I am sorry this goal wasn't communicated more clearly to all swimmers and parents this year. 

With hard work and persistence, we've seen swimmers like Haley Hamza go from A times to Far Western times in one year.  We've seen Rachel Roddy go from B times to JO times in a year.  We've seen Sydney Rosenberg go from being over 10 seconds from a B time, to achieving several B times.  People like Brandon Siu and Hannah Watts who have been swimming less than a year are closing in on B times with A's and JO's soon to follow.  Jared Brandley who began swimming in the Spring of last year has almost achieved JO times.  Megan Fairbanks and Tori Carroll in their first seasons of year round swimming have achieved several JO times.  The effort of the kids on this team has been great! 

Zone 2's scored swimmers from 1st to 16th place and also scored relays from 1st to 16th place.  I believe everyone signs up for Zone 2's next year, we can get a top 5 team finish

I am very excited about this weekend's meet and can't wait to see all of the great performances.  Let's use this weekend's experience to start setting goals for where we want to be next year as a team and let's make this meet a priority!  We are becoming a great team, and learning about team commitment to team meets is part of the process.  We have a great parent group and a great board.  Our kids are respectful, kind and hard working.  Let's start getting excited about some team goals so our swimmers can have the rich experience of giving their all for something greater than themselves

Coach Alex