Manta Ray Partners

Practice Schedule: February-May

 Practices are 5 days a week!* Attend as many or as few as you like.

 Monday though Friday: 6:00-7:30 a.m.

 *The practice schedule is subject to change based on demand and availability.



This program will offer 12 monthly sessions of Masters Swimming each year.

 Monthly Fees

$26 Premier pass holders

$30 Basic Pass holders

$38 Residents

$45 Non Residents

 Your first two practices are  free!  Come join the fun!

 Each swimmer is only required to be a member of United States Masters Swimming to be eligible to swim in meets. Once a USMS member, each swimmer will receive a Manta Ray swim cap.

Program Description

 The Mason Manta Rays Masters program has become a popular program at the Mason Community Center competition pool. This national program welcomes swimmers of all abilities who are age 19 and over. Any swimmer who wants to improve overall fitness, develop better technique, train for a triathlon, swim competitively, or is attracted to the water for any reason is a perfect fit for the Manta Ray Masters.

 This program is part of the United States Masters Swimming program. USMS is a national organization that provides organized workouts, clinics, and area competitions. The organization’s main purpose is to promote fitness and health in adults. For more information on the USMS, visit

 Anyone can become a Masters swimmer. This program will include individuals with a broad range of abilities, from fitness and lap swimmers to tri-athletes and competitively-minded swimmers. Competitions are completely optional and are split into age groups in five-year increments (19-24, 25-29, 30-34, etc).

 As a Mason Manta Ray Masters participant, you will have access to a USA Swimming certified coach during designated practice times. The coach can assess and help you fix your technique or set up a personal training schedule to help attain your goals.

 Workouts are available should you miss a practice session (Membership required to swim at non-practice times).


 Manta Ray Masters offers a number of benefits. These include:

  • Structured workouts and well-planned training programs with a USA Swimming certified coach.
  • Workouts are designed to help swimmers improve technique, endurance, and aerobic conditioning.
  • Training can be structured for specific goals such as weight loss, improved fitness, triathlons, and other competitions.
  • Secondary insurance coverage while participating in all USMS events.
  • A subscription to USMS Swimming magazine (if you become a USMS member).

Camaraderie and opportunities for social activities, fun, and lifelong friendships

Competitions and Challenges

 Less than half of the USMS members compete in meets, but for many who do, competition is the heart and soul of USMS. There are more than 500 local and regional competitions for adult swimmers around the country each year. Competitions include short course (25 yards) and long course (50 meters) pool meets, postal meets, and lake, river, and ocean open water swims. These events not only cater to your competitive nature, they also provide opportunities to gauge improvement and try for new personal, local, regional, national, and even world records, all while fostering new friendships and travel.

 If competitions aren’t your thing, the USMS offers a number of special events and friendly challenges to help keep you motivated. Visit the national website at to find out more.