2012 LAC Partners & Links
Kids Triathlon

This is a quick message to our friends to inform them about Kids Triathlons.Brianna & Paige have attended them over the last two years and enjoy them tremendously. Attached is a schedule for this year.


In addition to the health benefits and it’s a great sport for all ages. Kids Triathlons are for age 5 to 18 and combine all three sports where athletes to swim, bike, and run over various distances. If you’re good in one sport and so-so in the other two, then it is not enough to give you a competitive time but the good thing about the sport is you keep at your own level and race against your own time.


Your child receives a free goodie bag, medal, and t-shirt. We hope you try it at least once, I’m sure you will like it so much you will add it your list of summer family traditions and create a lifetime of memories.


Here's a link to local events:


See the aquacowboy Facebook page for updates and photos of this event!