Warm-Up Times and Psych Sheet Info for District Championships

Hi All,
      Championship season is upon us!  It starts with District Champs this weekend at the Chinn Aquatic Center in Woodbridge.  Here is the directions link: Our Warm Ups are as follows:
                    AM (10 & U)                PM (11-14)                     Distance Session
Fri                                                                                              5:00 PM (6-7:15)
Sat        6:45 AM (8-11:27)         11:55AM (1-4:28)
Sun       6:55 AM (8-11:06)        11:55 AM (1-4:19)            4:30 PM (5-6:10)
A Psych Sheet (rank ordering of all competitors in each event – not seeded by heat and lane) is available at the link here:
Please remember to pitch in to time (timer schedule will be sent out later today) etc… and help this to be a fun and successful Championship meet for all.  Finally, in any event in which your swimmer makes a “BB” or better time, we will enter them automatically in that event for Regional Champs the next weekend at the Freedom Center.  If you will not be able to attend, PLEASE notify the on deck coaches.  Thanks and Happy fast swimming!