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Rebecca  Postoll and Jack Gunning lead your team on Friday with back-to-back victories in the 1000 FR. Rebecca set the pace early and never let go achieving a time of 10:11.02. Jack swam strong behind two Swim Atlanta boys for about 700 yards...and then, one length at a time, ran them down to win in a touch-out time of 9:52.53.

We kept it going in the 200 IM. Kailey Austin and Alexandria Ham placed 7th and 15th for our 11-12 Girls. Two Rebeccas, Postoll and Justus, took 3rd and 14th for the 13-14 Girls. Tiger Harper scored in the top8 with a 7th place for our 13-14 Boys.

The 50 Fr saw Megan O'Meara score 8th place for the 11-12 Girls and Lauren O'Malley take 14th for the 13-14 Girls. (C'mon Stingray guys...our girls are a-sprintin' past ya!)

In the 200 BK Jack Gunning, in another race that came right down to the last inch, touched in at 2nd for the 13-14 Boys. Rebecca Postoll moved up a spot to then get 4th for our 13-14 Girls. *Note: 11-12 200 BK is not on Final results. I will put those in the next blog.

Our lone 100 Fly swimmer was Tyler Harper and he touched in at 15th for the 13-14 Boys.

Closing out the individual events, Megan O'Meara and David Edmonson achieved 15th and 10th place in the 50 BRST.

The night was capped off with the 14 & Under 800 FR Relays. Rebecca Postoll, Belle Barry, Rebecca Justus and Lauren O'Malley got 6th while the team of Colleen Garrigan, Jenni Ciesielski, Finley Billings and Madisyn Kendall got 11th. Tyler Harper, Connor Maggio, Thomas Kelley and Jack Gunning got 5th with Andy Strausberger, Cullan Sherlock, Lucas Wyatt and Chris Contreras getting 10th.

We still have much to do, Stingrays...AND WE ARE DOING IT!

The results are posted above and Saturday's will be later tonight.


Saturday saw some crazy fast swimming, close races and bigtime step-ups from some of our relays swimmers. The format called for the 200 Medley and 200 FR Relays to be swum in the morning while the 400 Medley Relay would be swum at night with Finals. (*NOTE: We want to thank our swimmers who stuck around for relays even when they did not have individual events.)

We started the meet with a swim-off! Talk about a nailbiter. Andy Strausberger bettered his time from the morning in the 200 Brst but was touched out in the end for 16th place and the spot to compete in Fnals. Coongratulations! Andy showed true Stingray colors by shaking hands and congratulating his competitor.

Our 400 IMs were very strong with Kailey Austin getting 6th in the 11-12 Girls, Rebecca Postoll getting 13th in the 13-14 Girls, and Jack Gunning/Tyler Harper touching the pads at 6th and 16th, respectively.

Stingrays kept the heat coming when we swam the 200 Fr. For our 11-12 Girls, Kailey Austin won the Consolation heat (9th) while Alexandria Ham got 14th. Jack Gunning, in one of the closest races of the meet, got 2nd for our 13-14 Boys! Rebecca Postoll raced to a jaw-dropping 1:51.52 to take 2nd for the 13-14 Girls. (Note to anyone reading: THE RACE IS NOT OVER UNTIL YOU TOUCH THE PAD!)

Our 13-14s were well-represented in the 100 BK by Rebecca Postoll, Jack Gunning and Connor Maggio taking 5th, 9th and 16th, respectively. (Note to anyone reading: GOTTA DO IT IN THE MORNING FOR THE OPPORTUNITY AT NIGHT!)

As the meet wound down, our excitement grew as Kailey Austin and David Edmonson got 9th and 14th, respectively, in the 200 BRST. Lauren O'Malley, keeping the family tradition of fast Breastrokers alive, touched the pad at 14th place.

David Edmonson, in a very tight finish, got 8th place in the 50 Fly to end the individual competition of Saturday night.

Sunday is already proving to be fast, gang. Rebecca Postoll and Jack Gunning continue their assault on the middle and long distance Freestyles...both won the 500 FR in very strong races that they took from the beginning and never let go!

One more Finals to go, Champs! I hope you are feeling the momentum as we get ready for our Metro Divisionals! (Note: SIGN UP! If you have missed the your coach!)


We watched many swimmers from around the state drag into the meet on Sunday and complain about being tired, or not feel like swimming on the last day. Not Stingrays. We came in to Sunday prelims ready for action!

Our Girls Freestyle Relays took 7th, 12th and 6th, 12th in the 12 & Under and 14 & Under relays, respectively. The Boy's side of the pool saw our 12 & Unders get 9th and our 14 & Unders get 6th and 11th.

(Note to anyone reading: DO YOUR WARM DOWNS! That is how you set up your next swim. ) Some of us found that out the hard way after the Relays. Lesson learned, I hope.

David Edmonson had 3 Finals on Sunday and got 8th in the 100 IM to get it all started!

He then, just a short while later, took 15th in the 100 FR. Becca Postoll and Jack Gunning took 5th and 11th, repectively, in the same event.

Jenni Ciesielski grabbed 14th place in the 200 Fly. (Note to anyone reading: TURNS AND STREAMLINES MATTER! Become experts now! Jenni is on her way!) Tyler Harper and Jack Gunning tag-teamed the A-Final of the 200 Fly getting 4th and 3rd with some awesome racing to the finish!

Our Breastrokers closed out the night BIG with some serious move-ups! The 100 BRST saw Kailey Austin getting 6th, Lauren O'Malley getting 9th (breaking the 1:10 mark along the way!), Andy Strausberger getting 11th and David Edmonson closing out his big night with 10th place!

Congratulations to our Stingrays for their racing, sportsmanship and support for one another on this weekend! (Big thanks to Teammate Landon Bennett for coming down to raise the roof!!!)

Now, it's fff to Metros to "BRING THE HEAT" again...with all of you!!!