Reminder: Second Work Party Tomorrow, Saturday, April 9 from 9:00am-1:00pm

We will be meeting each Saturday in April from 9:00am-1:00pm. Come on down to the pool and help get it all spruced up for the fast-approaching season!

We are excited to announce a new maintenance procedure for 2011. As a member-owned organization, we depend upon the support of all our member families to maintain our facility and surrounding grounds. We pride ourselves in working together to prepare our facility to open in the Spring and close in the Fall. We also have many tasks that need to be completed during our summer season for those who are not able to participate in opening and closing work parties.

Maintenance Requirements

The 2011 member maintenance requirements remain the same:

·         Family Memberships are required to contribute a minimum of 5 service hours annually.

·         Social Memberships are required to contribute a minimum of 2.5 service hours annually.

·         Retired Memberships are not required to contribute service hours.

Hours Requirement Fee

We continue to offer the ability for members to pay a maintenance fee in lieu of working their maintenance hours:

·         Members who do not satisfy their service hours will be subject to an Hours Requirement Fee (HRF) of $30 per hour equaling no more than $150 (per Family Membership) or $75 (per Social Membership) per season.

·         Members who have completed their annual service hours obligation will not be assessed the HRF.

·         Those members who have completed less than the minimum service hours required will be billed $30 for each hour less than their required contribution.

Balances and Billing Statements

We’ve implemented a new maintenance hours tracking system through our website that will track each member’s service hour balance and invoice any outstanding hours that are not completed by Opening Day. Here’s how it works:

·         A current accounting of your service hours can be viewed on the member websiteat any time by visiting the Volunteer Hours tab on the My Invoice/Payment page.

·         HRFs will be invoiced to members with outstanding service hours balances in mid-May and must be paid no later than June 15th.  Nonpayment will result in suspension of  membership. Hours volunteered after May 7th (Opening Day) will be credited to your account and eligible for reimbursement at the end of the season.

This new procedure should increase member awareness of  their service hours balance and avoid unnecessary payment and reimbursement of maintenance dues for hours worked prior to Opening Day.


Please keep in mind:

·         Hours volunteered for swim team and water polo–related activities DO NOT count toward a member’s service hours requirement.

·         Hours accumulated above the minimum requirement are much appreciated but do not carry over to the following year.

·         Families who join the team mid-season during our half-price membership promotion will have a reduced service hours requirement.


If you have questions about our maintenance policy, please contact