10 & Under Pentathlon Result!!!!

Bellevue Club Ten & Under Pentathlon


If any one has ever questioned the ability of a ten and under swimmer’s ability to focus, I suggest they attend the Ten and Under Pentathlon.  With a trophy on the line for each age groups top 6 finishers, swimmers entered the Hazen High School pool on Saturday morning March 12th with their best game faces on, prepared to give whatever effort necessary to ensure them a trophy.


Alas, only 6 swimmers in each age group can walk away with a trophy at the end of the day.  But all the swimmers can be proud of their efforts.  The percentage of best times was markedly higher at this meet compared to others, and BCST swimmers represented themselves well against the stiff competition from the likes of Issaquah Swim Team, Olympic Cascade Aquatics, Wave Aquatics, and Whitewater Aquatics.


Thank you to the BCST booster club for all the hard work in hosting another meet.  Special thanks go out to Colleen Lowell for her work as meet director, and to Marianne Kersten for assuming the responsibilities of Meet Director. 


Great Job BCST!!!


For all BCST Results:   CLICK HERE


Swimmers with 100%  best times

Lucy Benda                       Matthew Shum

Sophia Coco                      Ben Tobin

Lauren Hafermann               Katie Ueda

Nathan Lee                       Nathalie Valdman

Megan Lowell                    

Valentina Sakellariadis


Top 6 finishers:


8&Under Girls                         8&Under Boys

Katie Cross (2nd)                 Kian Cooney (5th)

Alma Freeman (3rd)


9 year old Girls                     9 year old Boys

Megan Lowell (1st)              Michael Peck (1st)

Sophia Coco (2nd)               Sean An (2nd)

Nathalie Valdman (3rd)         Jimmy Butler (3rd)

Jennifer Conger (6th)            Philip Wang (4th)

                                       Killian Riley (6th)


10 year old Girls                    10 year old Boys

Kellen Gibson (4th)               Andrew Wang (3rd)

Jane Anderson (6th              Ruben Luthra (4th)

                                       Blake Ueda (5th)