Great Swims at the STOP RW Meet April 16-17




Aquazots at the STOP RW Meet April 16-17

Aquazot swimmers scored a number of first place finishes and time improvements at the STOP RW Meet. Congratulations to Taelyn Roberts-Oliver who finished first in all eight of her events!

Below are the swimmers who placed in the top 8 in their events.

5-8 Age Group:
Girls: .

Charlotte Cooper:  25 Back, 8th, WHT

Yi Ann Li:  25 Free, 2nd, RED; 50 Free, 3rd, RED; 100 Free, 2nd, WHT; 25 Beast, 2nd, RED, 50 Breast, 4th, RED; 25 Fly, 3rd, RED; 50 Fly, 5th, RED; 100 IM, 1st, WHT


Bryce Do: 25 Free, 2nd, WHT; 50 Free, 8th, WHT; 25 Back, 2nd, RED; 50 Back, 6th, RED; 25 Breast, 6th, WHT

Hunter Kroll: 25 Free, 2nd, RED; 50 Free, 1st, RED; 100 Free, 1st, RED; 50 Back, 5th, RED; 25 Fly, 3rd, WHT; 50 Fly, 5th, WHT

10 and Under Age Group:

Julia Hahn: 50 Breast, 2nd, RED; 200 IM, 6th, WHT

Taelyn Roberts-Oliver: 50 Free, 1st, WHT; 100 Free, 1st, WHT; 200 Free, 1st, WHT; 50 Back, 1st, WHT, 100 Back 1st, WHT; 50 Fly, 1st, WHT; 100 Fly, 1st, WHT; 200 IM, 1st, WHT


Robert Hwang: 50 Back, 4th, RED; 50 Fly, 1st, RED

Jason Schreiber: 200 Free, 1st, RED

Daniel Yoo: 100 Back, 6th, WHT; 100 Fly, 6th, WHT


11-12 Age Group:


Maye Andarza: 200 Breast, 3rd, RED; 100 Fly, 2nd, WHT; Fly, 2nd, WHT; 100 IM, 1st, WHT; 200 IM, 7th, RED
Meherzeen Engineer: 50 Breast, 8th, RED; 200 Breast, 2nd, WHT
Bella Mesiwala Jung: 50 Free, 3rd, RED; 100 Breast, 5th, RED; 200 IM 4th, RED


Long Dang: 50 Free, 3rd, RED; 100 Free, 7th, RED; 200 Free, 3rd, RED; 50 Back, 6th, RED; 100 Back, 1st, RED; 50 Fly, 7th, RED; 100 Fly, 2nd, RED

Tien Dang: 100 Breast, 1st, RED; 200 Fly, 1st, WHT
Zach Lebovic: 50 Free, 4th, WHT; 50 Back, 1st, WHT; 50 Fly, 4th, WHT
Pilan Scruggs: 100 Breast, 2nd, RED
Ethan Vovan: 100 Fly, 2nd, WHT
Nathan Yos: 200 Free, 1st, WHT; 50 Breast, 1st, RED

13-14 Age Group
Veronica Dang: 100 Free, 7th, RED; 100 Back, 7th, RED; 200 Fly, 1st, WHT; 200 IM, 8th, RED; 400 IM, 1st, WHT
Jasmin Hashemi: 50 Free, 5th, RED
Nicole Larson: 100 Free, 6th, RED; 200 Free, 2nd, RED; 500 Free, 1st, WHT; 200 Breast, 4th, RED; 200 IM, 4th, RED                           
Tina Zhou: 50 Free, 2nd, RED, 100 Free, 3rd , RED; 200 Free, 4th, RED; 500 Free, 2nd, WHT; 100 Back, 6th, RED; 200 IM, 3rd, RED; 400 IM, 2nd, WHT


David Hwang: 200 Back, 3rd, WHT; 100 Breast, 8th, WHT

Dhruv Nathwani: 200 Back, 4th, RED; 200 IM, 1st, WHT
Danny Yos: 100 Free, 5th, RED; 200 Breast, 2nd, WHT; 400 IM, 1st, WHT
Kevin Yu: 200 Free, 3rd, WHT; 100 Back, 2nd, WHT; 100 Breast, 5th, WHT; 100 Fly, 7th, RED; 200 IM, 5th, WHT

Congratulations to all swimmers on a great meet. Go AZOTs!!!