Last Pre-Season Work Party this Saturday

This is it, Marine Hills Pool members: the last work party before Opening Day.  Many of you have come through over these past few weeks and your efforts are very much appreciated by all! There’s still pressure washing to be done on the pool deck, and when we finish with that it’s time to work on the tennis courts. If your schedule requires that you pressure wash on Sunday or on an evening this coming week, please give Dean a call at 253 946 5371 and he’ll make sure the pool is unlocked when you are able to work.  If the weather is decent we will be staining deck rails, so please bring a brush. We are really hoping to spruce up the office with a fresh coat of primer on the ceiling and a bright top coat. Are you able to do it? Anyone with plumbing knowledge would be greatly welcome, as we have been  experiencing some plumbing issues in the boys’ room. There are barbecues and locker rooms to finish cleaning and lots of odds and ends to tie up. Come on down and get your maintenance hours in. We’ll see you at the pool this Saturday, April 30 at 9am!