Important Maintenance Hours Information for Members:

Please be aware that any outstanding Maintenance Hours will be billed on the June 1stinvoices and be due by June 15th.  Don’t worry - you will still be eligible to have your hours reimbursed back to you if you contribute your hours any time between June 15thand our closing work party in September.

We could sure use your hours this weekend! The pool will be open and it will be the perfect opportunity to get the tennis courts pressure washed.  There’s painting to do in the Girls’ Locker Room and a list of other projects still unfinished.  Come on down, choose a job, mark it off when you finish, and make sure to sign your name and how long you worked.

There are always chores that need doing and opportunities to get your hours in. A big Thank You to the many folks who have attended work parties up to this point and gotten us ready for the season!