Maintenance Update

Dear Members,

Were you aware that our (victorious!) home swim meet with Normandy Park Tuesday might never have happened if not for the quick actions of our dedicated pool staff and membership?  As many of you may have witnessed, the sewer pipe ruptured during the second half of the meet. The break occurred at the site of a twenty year old patch where it had been damaged during fence installation. We called the Fire Department so that they were aware of the situation. The pumps had to be shut down because pressure was making the leak worse, and this was causing the holding tank to overfill.  Ultimately, the water and showers had to be shut off. Due to the worsening situation, some swimmers from both teams were unfortunately prevented from swimming in their heats at the end of the evening.  We were able to finish the meet and have an official win, even though the meet had almost been called twice.

After the meet, Zack Willis phoned his best friend, who showed up at 11pm to fix the float system and order the part needed for the pipe repair. Today, he is returning to our pool on his own time to complete the job.  His donation of expertise and labor has just saved our pool at least $1000.00. What an amazing community (and extended community) MHRA is!