We currently have 18 swimmers competing at the California/Nevada Sectionals meet in Clovis CA. There are over 1000 swimmers at the meet and the competition is fierce. The meet started on Wednesday afternoon and continues through Sunday night.

The meet has gone very well so far. On Wednesday night we had 4 out of 6 swimmers better their times in the 800M free, and Tommy Anderson picked up his second Junior National cut with a team record of 8:31.

Yesterday we had 5 swimmers who finalled in their events....Many best times....and the swim that made my hair stand on end and gave me goose bumps (in 98degree weather).....Melisa Mexia who has been swimming with us for 3.5 weeks qualified 6th for the 200 fly final with a time that was about a second off her best....really good morning swim considering we only backed off a little on her training starting on Tuesday. She has been 2:18 3 times in the last 18 months, so she was kind of stuck there for a while..... hoping to gt close to her best time while she was unrested and unshaved, here's how her final went.....

at the end of the first 50....melissa 8th place, and the end of the 100 she ha moved to 7th, looking strong the 3rd 50 she moved from 7th to 5th place....but others were trying to hold thier pace while Melissa was on the last 50 she went from 5th to 1st, winning the event dropping nearly 3 seconds off of her best time, achieving a new Senior national time standard and almost a full second under the Olympic Trial time standard.  And the best part was watching her turn toward the scoreboard and see her time. Her jaw dropped, eyes opened wide, she looked at the timers and then turned again toward the scoreboard  with a "that can't be right....did I really go that time" look, as her hand went to her mouth.

Melisa is currently training with us- she comes from Mexico, where her coach of 8 years recently left coaching. She needed a place to train especially since she had already qualified for the World Youth Swimming Chmpionships in mid Aug. as a member of the mexican team. her mom knows Lilana Casimiro from our team who suggested she come and train with us. Since she has an aunt living in Chula Vista, it wasn't too difficult to decide to train with us for at least the rest of the summer.

There have been some pretty great swims so far today(Friday), but I'll get around to those next update.