Summer Break / Return to the Pool

To clarify: When we "return to the pool", this refers to Southwest Pool, where we have been swimming all summer. As it stands, we will be at Southwest Pool for at least another month. Word will be disseminated with any change of pools or times after this...

This News Item is to officially inform everyone of what the swimmers have been told over the last couple of days if they have been to practice - and to spread the word if they haven't...

Beginning tomorrow (Thursday, August 4th) after practice is over, we complete our Summer Season (with the exception to those still at competition this week). We will be on break from Friday, August 5th until Monday, August 22nd. 

There are two main reasons for this break - 1) The coaches for the Amarillo Swim Team are all teachers with AISD and we have to report back to work to complete our in-service before school starts, and 2) It allows the kids some time to relax and unwind before school starts for them, and to relax after a grueling training cycle, that for some has encompassed a full year since last year's break.

Here are the times and the location for practice until further notice:

High School Swimmers will practice Monday-Friday from 3:00pm to 5:15pm. These swimmers will be seperated into two groups (they will be informed of which group they will be in) and the "Beginner Group" will practice from 3-4... the "Advanced Group" will practice from 4-5:15. These practices will be conducted by the Head Coaches of each of the High School Teams.

Amarillo Swim Team members will practice on the following schedule:

Red / White Team (Coach Luke Thomason): Tuesday & Thursday from 5:15 - 6:15

Blue / Green Team (Coach Ron Lee II): Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 5:15-6:15

Bronze/Silver/Gold Teams (Coach Eric DeMar): Monday - Friday 5:15 to 6:30 with the exception of Wednesday (5:15-6:15)

These times and dates will stand until further notice (which you will be emailed, and will be posted in the NEWS section of the website).

Please call or email your coach if you have questions regarding these times/dates...

Thanks for a great season!!

Eric O. DeMar
Head Coach
Amarillo Swim Team, Inc.
USA Swimming, Inc.