Aquazots finish 6th out of 463 teams at Jr. Nationals in Palo Alto



Our 16 athletes were amazingly tough competitors at Juniors.  The team members were Kendall Brown, Maggie Burton , Dayae Choi, Daniela Georges, Megan Rankin, Stephanie Schlobolm, Brooke Wanser , Brynne Wong, Jonathan Descombes, Michael Hauss, Garrett Larson, Jared Namba, Corey Okubo, Cameron Price, Michael Schiffer, and Joshua Smith.  

Standout meet competitors were Megan Rankin, Corey Okubo, and Daniela Georges .  Megan was second overall in points for all the female swimmers and Corey finished overall in 16th place for the men out of 1700 total athletes competing.  Daniela received her first Olympic Trial cut in the 200 free with 2:03.06.  Special congratulations to the Men and Women 4x 200 Free Relays and the Women’s 4x100 Free Relay for making LC National cuts.  OUR TEAM FINISHED 6TH out of 463 teams competing.  Our combined women’s score finished 4th and our men finished 16th .   Aquazots put forth both amazing individual performances and strong team efforts throughout the entire meet.  There is no better way to end our awesome long course season, then with our team’s outstanding performance!


Highlighted Swims:

Megan Rankin:  In the 200 fly  placed 9th in prelims with 2:14.11 and dropped and additional second in finals to place 7th with 2:13.14. A new Olympic trial cut for Megan in this event!

                              In 800 free she placed 2nd overall dropping 6.5 seconds for 8:39.19 (Olympic trial cut)

                              In the 400 IM placing 8th (4:51.59) with a 2.5 sec drop from her seed time (Olympic trial)

                              400 free placing 2nd with personal best(4:13.51)  (Olympic trial)

                              1500 free placing 17th (17:04.99)National cut

                              200 IM 35th (2:22.41)National cut


Corey Okubo:  Started the meet placing 2nd in prelims for the 200 fly with 2:02.04 and continued to drop an additional .5 sec to finish 6thin finals with 2:01.59, again making an Olympic trial cut! Corey is the National Jr. Champion in the 200 Fly and was chosen to go to the FINA Jr. World Championship in Lima, Peru.  Good luck Corey!

                              In the 400 IM Corey placed 8th in prelims with 4:27.05 and went on to drop 2 more sec in finals for 4:24.98, which was a personal best time and another Olympic trial cut.

                              200 back placed 17th in prelims and 16th in finals with 2:05.23, a personal best and a National LC cut.


Daniela Georges:  200 free 6th (2:03.06 pb) in prelims dropping 3 sec. from her seed time and achieving her 1st Olympic trial cut!    She returned to finals finishing 8th(2:03.29).  This is also a new record for Aquazot 13-14 year old girls. 

                                 In 100 free during relays (57.62 National SCY). 

                                 In the 400 free pb of 4:21.91 (National SCY) swum as a time trial, but would have placed her into finals. 

                                 In 100 back placed 47th making a new JN cut. 

                                 In the 200 back a pb with 2:21.77.   Way to go Daniela!

Michael Hauss:    200 free  finished 9th in prelims (1:53.76) and 9th in finals (1: 53.59)  National cuts for Mike and again got a personal best at 1:53.46 in relays.

                              100 free:  22nd in prelims with a 1 sec drop from seed time to 51.97, a new National cut and went on to finish 27th in finals.   Outstanding swims!

Cameron Price:  200 breast place 30th in finals with 2:23.22.   He received his first LC National  cut with his personal best of 2:22.02 during prelims.

                             Cameron also had personal bests in the 200 IM 2:11.47, 100 breast 1:06.35 (US Open), and the 400 IM (4:38.92 LC Junior cut). Congratulations Cameron!

Garrett Larson:  In 200 IM placed 26th with 2:07.93, receiving his 1st LC National time.   Way to go Garrett!

Joshua Smith:  In the 200 back placed 39th dropping 1.5 sec from his seed time for 2:07.25 ( 1st Winter National cut). 

                            In the 100 back received his second Winter National cut in relay (59.17)

                            In 50 free 24.39 placing 50th (Winter JN)!!! Great swims!


Brynne Wong:   In 100 fly dropped 1 sec in prelims for 1:02.47 placing 31st. Receiving her 1st LC National cut!  Way to go Brynne!


Maggie Burton:   In the 200 breast got her 1st LC National cut (2:37.13), placing 34th in prelims.

                                In the 100 breast received her personal best time of 1:13.59, placing 26th in finals.

                                In 200 IM pb @ 2:23.06 (Winter National cut).  Outstanding swims Maggie!


Kendall Brown:  In 1500 free  placed 23rd with personal best time(17.11.88), dropping 7 sec from her seed time.

                              In the 200 fly placed 76th receiving an US Open time and pb (2:20.22)

                              In the 400 IM  received a Winter National time of 4:59.83, placing 46th.  Great swims Kendall!


Dayae Choi:  In 100 Free, personal best time of 58.41(Summer JN). Congratulations Dayae!


Jonathan Descombes:  In 100 back got his 1st Winter Juniors cut (1.00.10)!  Great job Jonathan!


Stephanie Schlobohm:  In 100 back bettered her time from Nationals by almost 1 sec for a personal best of 1:05.38, (Summer JN cut)overall placing 36th.  Great job Stephanie!


Michael Schiffer:  In 200 breast, 2:26.44 a Summer JN cut.  Great swim!


RELAYS:  We had 3 relay events which made Long Course National Cuts!!!!!

4x200 FREE Women’s Relay:  Finished 11th with 8:25.87 (LC National cut)

                       Daniela Georges, Dayae Choi, Stephanie Schlobolm, and Megan Rankin


4x200 FREE Men’s Relay:  Finished 15th dropping 3 seconds from seed time for 7:44.80, a LC National    cut.    Michal Hauss, Corey Okubo, Joshua Smith and Garrett Larson.


4x100 FREE Women’s Relay:  Finished 8th with 3:52.6, bettering their seed time by 2.5 sec.(LC National cut)  Daniela Georges, Dayae, Choi, Megan Rankin, Stephanie Schlobohm


4x100 FREE Men’s Relay:  Finished 17th with 3:33.03

                      Jonathan Descombes, Michael Hauss, Joshua Smith and Jared Namaba


4x100 MEDLEY Women’s Relay:  Finished 11th with 4:20.10

                       Stephanie Schlobolm, Maggie Burton, Brynne Wong, and Daniela Georges


4x100 MEDLEY Men’s Relay:  Placed 26th with 3:57.02 bettering their entry time by 1 sec.

                       Joshua Smith, Cameron Price, Jared Namba and Michael Hauss.