USA Swimming Registration

Hello Team!

It is that time once again to renew our memberships with USA Swimming. These registrations will be effective beginning from the first day of registration (September 1st) through December 31st of 2012. We will begin to re-register your renewals, and process the new registrations starting on September 1st.

There is a new requirement that will necessitate you attention: Non-registered swimmers will not be allowed to participate in practice beginning September 1st. This means for those of you whose swimmers are not currently registered, they will be able to swim from the time we return to the pool August 22nd until August 31st. Beginning September 1st, the coaches will not allow non-registered swimmers to enter the water to practice with their team.

The registration forms (for right now) are only available through me (Coach DeMar). I will have them on deck, and be keeping an up-to-date roll on those that turn their USAS registrations in so that we can keep track of this.

The 2012 Athlete and Non-Athlete Registration Forms are now available online under the Documents Tab above (on the website) - Remember RETURN these forms to the Coaches - DO NOT mail them in please.

If you are registered with USAS currently, you will be allowed to practice until December 31st, 2011 without taking further action. However, after that date (beginning Jan 1) you will not be allowed to practice unless you go through the renewal process by that date. If you already plan on swimming past December 31st, it makes sense to renew your registration at the earliest date possible to avoid forgetting, and possibly falling though the cracks, and find yourself unable to practice with your team.

This email will also appear in the NEWS section of the website, and will be sent out again for reminders...

Hope you are enjoying the last few days of summer, and are rested, and ready to start back on August 22nd.


Eric O. DeMar
Head Coach
Amarillo Swim Team, Inc.
USA Swimming, Inc.