LAMVAC Rocks the RCP Tiburon Mile Open Water Swim

Congratulations to all members of LAMVAC who completed the RCP Tiburon Mile race in Tiburon, California on Sunday, September 18th. The race is a one mile course across the bay from Ayala Cove on Angel Island to Tiburon Harbor.


Here are our participants' results:

Regular LAMVAC:
Karl Muonio         WS<39 - 22:17
Eddie Barnes       WS<39 - 24:20
Heidi Aronson      WS<39 - 24:38
Reed Piercey        WS<39 - 25:41
Meredith Soward  WS<39 - 27:53

Masters LAMVAC:
Brandon Johnson    Elite - 21:40
Chuck Piercey          WS>40 - 24:56
Stephen O'Neil         No WS 50-59 - 26:50
Tom Goff                   WS<39 - 37:45
Kevin Draper            WS>40 - 28:15

Way to go everyone!  We hope to see more LAMVAC swimmers next year!

* WS = wetsuit; No WS = no wetsuit