RSD Meet-- warm-up times and notes

Warm-up times . . . . please be at the pool and ready to stretch at the following times:

Friday 3:50

Saturday 7:30

Sunday 7:30

Also please consider the following:

Driving time on Friday will likely be extended. The traffic going north on 805 and 5 on any afternoon is heavy, but Friday afternoon is especially heavy.

Parking at the RSD Boys and Girls Club is very limited (128 spots and over 500 swimmers in the meet). Here is the special  parking instructions from RSD:

SPECIAL PARKING INSTRUCTIONS: The facility has 128 parking spots, when they fill, we encourage loading/unloading and the use of the
overflow parking. We have secured overflow parking in the following locations:
1. 530 Lomas Santa Fe at the Lomas Santa Fe Medical Center. Caution: this location is located across a very busy street. Pedestrians must
cross ONLY at designated crosswalks. Safety first!
2. Earl Warren Middle school adjacent to the pool on Stevens, two (2) lots available. 1st lot staff: staff parking lot on STEVENS (dirt lot). 2nd
lot at SAN RODOLFO entrance.
No parking along or down the Private Drive directly East of the pool. All cars will be towed on the private drive. No parking in the office park
directly West of the pool (505 Lomas Santa Fe) Cars will be towed.