Nutrition Report


Sports Medicine/Science Workshop – NUTRITION help.

  • Use Sports drinks early in the a.m. to have some calories and energy, if not able to eat before workouts. Get up a little earlier to be properly hydrated, but it really takes 12-24 hours to fully hydrate. Applesauce and PB & J are easily digestible food during meets or early in the a.m.
  • Every time you eat a meal, your plate, as a swimmer, should be about ¼ vegetables, ¼ protein (about full hand size),and ½ carbs. Look to have a lot of color on your plate. Don’t eat raw vegetables to gain better absorption in your body. They should be steamed, cooked, or in soups to help quicker recovery and absorption.
  • This could differ from person to person, but teenage girls practicing 2 times a day, on those days, should consume about 4000 calories, and teenage guys about 6,000 calories.
  • Eat small meals about 5-6 a day. NOT JUNK FOOD! Eat consistently to keep energy levels up and help recovery time for the next practice or event.
  • Carbohydrates do help protect your immune system from sickness, but not fool proof. They are good for recovery as well.
  • Take care of yourself and avoid situations/people that may lead to your getting sick.
  • Eat the whole grains as they have more energy vitamins and higher in fiber. Seasonal foods are much better for you since they are fresh, full of nutrients, and haven’t had to travel very far.
  • Bring your lunch to school to avoid possible bad lunches at school. Sandwiches like turkey with lettuce and water are a good start to your meal. You can include a carrot bag, applesauce, banana, apple, yogurt, granola, and crackers to make up the rest to snack on during the day.


Stay Hydrated! Eat Right! Get A Good Night’s Sleep