"How-to" enter a swim meet

I am in the process of creating some step by step help for some of the things parents have asked questions about. The first one is How to enter a swim meet. We are in the process of trying to continually make it more convenient for you to enter meets. We have some limitations imposed by the what we can do within our website (limitations due to the management system we use . . . TeamUnify).

We have been told by TeamUnify that they are working on an entry system where you will see the events your coach wants you to swim and you verify your entry and it is automatically charged  to the account you have set up with us. (Coming in January 2009).

Until this setup is available we have come up with the best work-around  we could. (see the "How to..." link).

We want to get away from swimmers and parents having to pass checks and cash to the coaches on the pool deck. If you have difficulties paying for your meet online, we will still accept checks and cash at the pool for your meet entry, but we really prefer you try to pay online when possible.

You may click on the link above for the directions or go to the "Documents" heading at the top of the page.