PNS 14 & Under Champs!!

More PNS 14 & Under Champs information:  December 2011.

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  • Meet Info
  • Projected Meet Timeline
  • Relay assignments
  • Psych Sheet

This Championship Meet is a 3-day meet.

  • Your team (BCST) is hosting this meet. It is a huge meet: heats and finals and close to 900 swimmers. Let’s put on a great show in and out of the water.
  • Late this week we were short of help to staff the meet properly. PLEASE, PLEASE step forward if it appears to you that we may need help.We do not want to be embarrassed by not handling the meet fully. Thanks to all of you for your continued support of the kids.
  • Arrive on time to get nearby parking: with close to 900 swimmers you may have a long walk if you don’t arrive early.  
  • Warm ups:  Arrive on time for warm-ups each day.
    • Friday   Arrive at1:00pm To secure a place, maybe earlier
      • WUstarts at 2:00pm
      • Meet starts at 3:10pm  All events are timed finals
    • Saturday and Sunday
      • Prelims: Arrive at 7:00am to secure‘our spot’.
        • WU  7:30am-9:00am
        • Meet starts at 9:10pm
      • Finals: Arrive early. Parking is limited
        • WU  no earlierthan 3:30pm
        • Meet starts no earlier than 4:30pm
  • Check-in EVENTS
    • Friday       
      • 500 Free  Check in deadline 2:30pm
        • Age 10 & under no check in required.
        • 11 & over must check in.
    • Saturday
      • 400 IM  Check in deadline 10:30am
        • 11-12  & 13-14
    • Sunday
      • 1650 FR Check in deadline 10:30am
        • 11-12  & 13-14
  • The toughest part of getting up in time to arrive early for warm-up is getting to bed on time. Are you all willing to make the sacrifice??!! Of course you are!!

Prelim and Finals Meets

·         Swimmers and parents remember that this meet is a prelim and final meet for the 11-12 and 13-14 age groups.  For the 10 & under swimmers this is a timed final meet (you will swim during the morning on Saturday and Sunday only).

·         With the exception of the relays and the 400 IM – 500 Free and 1650 Free all events are prelims and finals. The top 16 swimmers qualify for finals.

o   Swimmers who qualify for finals are expected to attend finals.

o   Failure to show for finals without scratching will disqualify swimmers from the rest of the meet.

o   Before leaving the venue following prelims check to see if you made finals.  Remember that there may be scratches.

o   Alwayscheck with your coach as well.

Relay Info

·         Check to see if you are slated to swim in relays.

o   The 10 & under relays are swum during the prelims on Saturday.

o   The 11-12 and 13-14 relays are swum on each day of the meet .

§  Friday afternoonat the beginning of the meet and also at the end of the competition.

§  Saturday and Sundaythe top 16 teams relays are swum at the beginning of finals. All others are scheduled to swim at the beginning of prelims.

·         The 11 -12 girls ‘B’ relays(Sat 200 Med Rel. & Sun 200 Free Rel.) may be swimming at the beginning of prelims.

o   Please don’t miss relays, it makes it difficult for the 3 swimmers who made the trip to KCAC and may not be able to swim.

o   We have done our best to inform everyone who is swimming in relays.

o   Relay assignments are subject to change.

o   Read the posted relay assignments carefully!

PNS Team Champs

·         This is a Championship meet for swimmers and for the team (your team, BCST). We need everyone to participate and compete to the best of their ability.  Stay focused, stay hydrated (water, fruit drinks, chocolate drinks, etc.), stay warm throughout the meet, eat healthy snacks, etc.The BCST Boosters are the meet Hosts

·         Our BCST Booster Club is hosting this meet. All parents are asked to help make this meet a success for all PNS swimmers as well as our own. Please give of your time to help us put on a great meet for everyone!

Have a great time!!