Fall Divisionals Champs! Great Finish!

Fall Divisional Champs         Dec 3-4, 2011

Wow!  What a great finish to the first part of the season!  Bellevue Club swimmers dominated the competition at the Fall Divisional Champs meet.  In the Pentathlon, BCST had nearly half of the top 6 finishers, including a top 6 sweep in the ten year old girl’s category.  Nathan Lee, Haley Kirtland, Ruben Luthra, Tesslyn Matthes, Owen Benda, Sarah Harrison, and James Markwith all walked away with first place trophies. 

In the 13 & Over category, finals were littered with BCST swimmers.  Many swimmers who had never had the opportunity to race finals found themselves in that position and responded with great races.  Kristen LeBar, Gillian Matthes, Annalise Nahlin, and Henry Pratt all walked away with first place finishes. 

Congratulations to all swimmers, on not only a fantastic meet, but also a great season thus far.  Let’s continue to work hard to improve, and see what we can do in the next few months.  Keep up the great work!

Following is a list of Pentathlon award winners, Top 12 finishers for 13&Overs, and those who had 100% best times:

Pentathlon Award Winners


Girls:                                      Boys:

Celia Steinhauer (3rd)            Nathan Lee (1st)

Kylie Doan (4th)                      Jonathan Butler (2nd)

Amelia Girotto (5th)                 Kevin Sato (5th)


Girls:                                     Boys:

Hanako Hirai (2nd)                 JJ Davidson (2nd)

Katie Ueda (6th)                     Jack Shoop (3rd)

                                              Kian Cooney (4th)


Girls:                                      Boys:

Haley Kirtland (1st)              Ruben Luthra (1st)

Jane Anderson (2nd)             Jake Headrick (2nd)

Ali Chang (3rd)                      Sean An (5th)

Meghan Waiss (4th)             

Krista Kroiss (5th)

Ashley Waiss (6th)


Girls:                                      Boys:

Tesslyn Matthes (1st)         Owen Benda (1st)

                                              Graham Wrightson (4th)                   


Girls:                                      Boys

Sarah Harrison (1st)            James Markwith (1st)

Lisa Paik (5th)                         Mitch Hansen (3rd)

Katherine Bower (6th)           


Luke Beauchamp     (6th 100 breast, 11th 200 free)

Sean Dimmer            (5th 100 breast, 6th 100 fly, 4th 200 breast, 8th 50 free, 10th 200 free)

Espen Hellevik           (2nd 200 back, 4th 100 fly)

Kristen LeBar             (1st 200 breast, 2nd 200 back, 2nd 100 breast, 3rd 200 free, 4th 200 IM, 9th 100 back)

Alice Li                        (6th 200 breast)

Riley Martin                (2nd 100 back, 3rd 200 free, 3rd 200 IM, 3rd 100 back)

Gillian Matthes           (1st 100 breast, 2nd 50 free, 2nd 200 IM, 2nd 100 free)

Erin McAllister            (10th 100 back, 12th 100 breast)

Annalise Nahlin         (1st 200 IM, 1st 200 back, 4th 100 free, 4th 50 free, 6th 100 breast, 7th 100 back)

Henry Pratt                 (1st 200 free, 1st 100 breast, 1st 200 IM, 1st 100 free, 1st 200 breast, 2nd 50 free)

Samantha Shin          (6th 50 free, 9th 200 free, 12th 100 free)

Kara Spencer            (4th 100 free, 8th 100 back, 11th 50 free)

Emily Swaya               (3rd 200 back, 4th 100 fly, 8th 200 free, 11th 100 back)

Kelli Taylor                  (8th 200 breast, 11th 200 IM, 11th 100 breast)

Wendy Wang            (2nd 200 free, 3rd 200 IM, 4th 100 back, 5th 100 free, 5th 100 fly, 5th 100 breast)

Spencer Weiskopf    (5th 100 free, 5th 200 IM)



Michael Badiozamani           Sophia Lee

Owen Benda                         Megan Lei

Madeline Browne                  James Markwith

Sam Charaf                            Ella Martinez

Nick German                         Abby Montgomery

Kaitlyn Girotto                      Lisa Paik

Annie Headrick                      Harry Sharp

Jake Headrick                       Katy Simpson

Ryan Johnston                      Nicholas Valdman

Sunwoo Kim                          Andrew Wang

Haley Kirtland                        Spencer Weiskopf

Jeffrey Kwon                          Barrett Wohlman

Matthew Kwon                       Evy Wohlman

Simon Kwon