Volunteer Signup begins Monday, May 14 @ 8AM


Dear Piranhas Families, 

Volunteer Sign Up for CSL Families starts next Monday, May 14th, at 8:00 AM.  All families should sign up for one committee and four different meets (preferable only two timer slots to share the wealth).

Below are the directions on how to sign up for your (4) volunteer and (1) Committee obligations.  Please refer to the  Volunteer Info page on the website if you need information regarding volunteering. As stated in the parent meeting, if you do not fulfill all (4) volunteer and committee obligations by the end of the season, you will not be allowed to register next season as a returning family.  If you have questions concerning volunteering, please contact Vice President Michelle Quadt at [email protected]

**PLEASE NOTE:  You will use the same password and login email to sign up as you used in your registration.

1) Go to ‘events’ which is located on the bottom of the main/home webpage screen.

2) Click on either the CSL Team Committees or Meet that you would like to volunteer.  (committees are listed first, followed by the swim meets)

3) Click on ‘job sign up’.

4) Click on ‘event job sign up’ tab.

Follow the directions.  As you review the positions, some will say Officials Only, please do not sign up for those positions unless you have the required special training (Officials and Hytek)

Changes to selections can be made thru June 4th.  After that, it will become the responsibility of the individual to find a replacement if a future family schedule conflict should arise.

Big Gotchas!!!
--> Signing up for something that requires special training, and you do not have it.  All positions are described in the  Volunteer Info, which can also be found as a link on the website under the Parent Info tab.

--> Signing up for more than one volunteer position at a single meet.

--> Signing up for more than two timer slots.

It takes between 35-50 volunteers to make each meet run smoothly. Thanks in advance for your continued support,

Michelle Quadt, Vice President