Don't Forget to Sign up Your Swimmer for Meets

You've been busy signing up yourself to work meets, but don't forget to sign up your swimmer(s) to swim!

Pull out your calendars and commit them today!  I find it is easier to commit / or decline for each meet at my first sitting with the schedule and then make changes if needed as deadlines approach.  Each meet has a deadline 3-4 days prior to the meet.  After that, no changes can be made online and must be made directly with Coach Lauren.

To sign up your swimmer(s):

You must log on to your account to enable meet sign up for your swimmer(s)

Log in and go to the Home Page. You can click on the "Meets/Social Events Tab" or on the home page, scroll down to the bottom where you will see upcoming events. Always click on the bottom where it says view more events to ensure that all events are displayed on the same page. Each meet has two sign up buttons, an 'Attend this event (or edit commitment)' button - to sign up your swimmer(s) & 'Job signup' button to use if you are selecting that meet to fulfill one of your required jobs.
For Meet Sign Up - find the meet you are signing up for and click on the 'Attend this Event' button (if you have already committed, and are editing your earlier response - the button will read 'Edit Commitment') - Follow instructions - you will need to select each swimmer individually
We are asking that you indicate a Yes or No for attendance for all of the meets this season. You can change your response at any point up to the registration deadline for each individual meet. Any changes after the deadline will need to be communicated to Coach Lauren [email protected]. 

Please Declare YES or NO for EVERY event for your swimmer(s)

If you declare NO, please put a brief note as to why (conflict, out of town, etc.) so Coach Lauren knows that you have declared 'NO' vs. no response at all.

In the event of a change after the meet sign up closes (illness, etc), please notify the Coaches by email via [email protected]

Late Meet Arrivals or Early Dismissals:

Should you have any conflicts that will result in a late arrival or early dismissal from a particular meet (for example attending meet but will arrive at 10am because of family conflict) please clear the information with Coach Lauren via email and also add the specific information in the notes section when you sign up online.