6/23 Meet #1 Volunteer INFO


Hi Flying Fish Families!

PLEASE READ EMAIL in it's entirety!  Important info!!!

I have entered the job slots for our first meet on June 23rd HOME against Larkspur.   I was hoping to be able to plug in the volunteers that so graciously signed up already during registration but I can only assign jobs for my family under my passcode (which is probably a good thing. . . or I would be signing everyone up for the empty slots!!)  . . .  I kid. 

So KEEP THIS EMAIL. .. this EMAIL has a listing of the VOLUNTEER SLOTS that ya'll graciously signed up for during registration for our first meet on June 23rd a HOME meet vs Larkspur.    Please refer to THIS EMAIL and you can plug yourself in the job you signed up for during registration.  Once I get subsequent meets into TeamUnify, I will send out additional emails with the volunteer slots you have signed up for at registration so you can electronically sign up for those as well.     

Thanks !!!   I'm really excited about this season and all the new families we have joining our Flying Fish family!     Go Fish!!!

If you have any questions- please don't hesitate to ask.  

Volunteer slots from registration:

Meet 1- HOME   vs Larkspur  June 23:

clerk of course:  1.  jenn groves  2. sharon powell

starter:  1. brandon blalock

Ref:  1. Dave Rose

Announcer:  1. Bernie Cory

Head Timer:  1. Eric Martin


1st Half:  1.  theresa knepper 2. jennifer fowler  3. robbie nozolino   4.  david smith 5.  matt lavin  6.  brent fraser

2nd Half:  1.  bill knepper  2. steve cofer  3.  mike patterson  4. tina pullen  5. matt lavin  6.  cammy fraser  7.  christian jensrud  8.  stefanie gordon

Stroke/Turn Judges:  1.  Dave Hardy  2.  Jeremy Logan  3.  Bob Chastanet  4.  Phil Pullen

Runners:  Steven Newman

Awards Table:  Cindy Smith

Water Runner:  Janine Costello

Set Up:  David McCarthy

Concessions 1st half:  1.  deneen keegan  2. tracy blalock  3. sharon powell  4.  coleen lively

Concessions 2nd half  1.  Veronica Kustowski

Misc:  Tricia Hardy


THANKS!!!   Aimee