2012 Broadlands Kids Triathlon Information


2012 Broadlands Kids Triathlon Information   Swim, Bike & Run for Charity

Event Description: This is the 4th year for the Broadlands Kids Triathlon. It is an untimed triathlon for children of all ages sponsored by the Broadlands ODSL Swim Team. Proceeds from the event will be used to sponsor a packing event with Stop Hunger Now, an international hunger relief organization that coordinates the distribution of food and other life-saving aid around the world. Last year this event raised $3,160!

Date: Friday, July 13th

Start Time: 9am

Place: Broadlands, VA

Registration Fee: $30

Event Parking: Mill Run Elementary, 42940 Ridgeway Drive

Check-In: 8:00-8:30am, Broadlands Nature Center, 21907 Claiborne Pkwy

Event Cap:  150 participants

Registration Deadline: Received by July 6th

Course Description:  The swim will take place in the Southern Walk pool. After swimming, the kids will lace up their sneakers on the pool deck and then follow the path through the tunnel under Claiborne Pkwy to the Nature Center parking lot to get their bike. Kids must have their helmet on & buckled before they can begin the bike ride. The bike course is a loop. From the Nature Center parking lot, bike up Claiborne Pkwy, right on Stone Hollow Drive, right on Ridgeway Drive and back to Claiborne. Group A bikes the loop once, Group B will bike the loop twice & group C will go around 3 times. On their last loop, the bikers will make a left into Mill Run elementary school and drop their bikes at the designated spot. From the bike drop, the kids will run to the track at Mill Run and finish the last leg of the triathlon -- the run! (1, 3 or 5 laps, based on group)

Event Groups:  Three different levels of participation are available. The age ranges are just a suggestion - please choose the group that best fits your child’s interest & ability. We want all of our participants to be challenged, accomplished & excited when they finish!                                          


Suggested Ages





6 & under

25 meters

1 mile

.2 mile



50 meters

2 miles

.6 mile


11 & up

150 meters

3 miles

1 mile

Weather: Unfortunately, we can’t control Mother Nature!  If the weather dictates, we may need to modify the course.  In the event of a thunderstorm, the triathlon will have to be cancelled and there will be no refunds. All proceeds will still be donated to Stop Hunger Now. 



2012 Broadlands Kids Triathlon Registration     Swim, Bike & Run for Charity

Registration closes on Friday, July 6th or at the event cap of 150 participants (whichever is first)

Parent Name:  ______________________________________

Address:  _______________________________________ City: _______________________ State:  ­­­­______   Zip:_______

Phone: ___________________________________       E-mail:  ______________________________________

Name of Participant



T-Shirt Size          (Youth or Adult)

Group            (please circle)

Registration Fee $30




YS   YM   YL   AS   AM   AL

A     B     C





YS   YM   YL   AS   AM   AL

A     B     C





YS   YM   YL   AS   AM   AL

A     B     C





YS   YM   YL   AS   AM   AL

A     B     C






Registration Total


Please make checks payable to Broadlands Swim Team.




Additional Donation
(Tax Deductible)









Each participant is required to have an adult with them for the event and have a parent/guardian sign a Release of Liability before participation. Each participant must wear a helmet and sneakers while on a bike.

Parent Signature:  _____________________________________________    Date:  _______________________

Many volunteers are needed to make this a successful event. If you are willing to volunteer out on the course on the morning of the race, please check here and we’ll find a spot for you to help us out! Thanks!! _________

Please mail completed form to: Susan Winklosky, 21174 Stonewheel Way, Broadlands, VA 20148 or drop off at the Broadlands Nature Center

Questions? Email [email protected]