Registration deadlines and Declare instructions


REGISTRATION: To be fully registered and eligible to swim in the June 16 swim meet at Spring Ridge, you must have registered your swimmers on our new Barracuda website, volunteered for a minimum of 3 jobs, and paid the registration fees in full.   When the payment is received and the jobs have been selected, your swimmers will show as "active" under your personal account.  If your swimmers still show as "waiting for approval" then either your registration payment has not yet been received or the 3 jobs have not yet been selected.  Please complete your registration before MONDAY JUNE 11 in order for your swimmers to be eligible to swim in the June 16 Spring Ridge meet.

DECLARE FOR MEET: In order for our coaches to know exacty who will be coming to each meet, you must declare your swimmers for each meet on the website.  This ensures that the coaches only schedule those swimmers who will actually swim and our team avoids losing crucial points when swimmers do not show up.  FOR THE JUNE 16 SPRING RIDGE MEET, ALL SWIMMERS MUST BE DECLARED BY TUESDAY JUNE 12 AT NOON.  To declare your swimmer for the Spring Ridge meet, go to the Events page on the website.  On the Spring Ridge meet Event, you will see a button below the header - should say "EDIT COMMITMENT".  Click this button.  This is how you declare for meets.  Click on your swimmer, and choose either yes or no to declare for that meet.  You can also write notes if you want - like if you have to leave early or come late - so the coaches have a better idea what events to schedule for your swimmer. 

If you have any questions, please talk to the coaches or ask a board member.   GO BARRACUDAS!!!