May Flowers 2012

This year’s May Flower’s meet was another outstanding experience, and recognition of the swimmer’s and parent’s hard work is long overdue.

BCST had a group of 67 swimmers compete in the 2 day event at KCAC. The lack of best times we saw is the norm with Senior athletes at a meet this early in the season. Because of the more rigorous training and body types, seeing best times from Senior swimmers is a rarity unless it’s a championship meet.  But not getting best times doesn’t mean the swimmers didn’t have good swims.  The swimmers are working on a lot of things to improve themselves, like proper race execution, strategy, and technique that will help position the swimmers for great successes at the end of the season, when it really counts.

Some of the younger swimmers in the meet preformed real well. Swimmers of note were David Conger (88% best times), Alex Elizarov (100% best times), and Elisa Fang (88% Best times).

A special thanks needs to go out to Jill O’Keefe and Charlene Steinhauer for volunteering to be co-Meet Directors.  Also, a thanks to the BCST Boosters for hosting the meet and getting the army of BCST parents to helped fill all the jobs and execute all the intricacies that go into a big meet like this.