Big Fish/Little Fish

Hello Flying Fish families!

If you have not received your Little Fish/Big Fish- here is a list of who I have:

Big Fish/Little Fish:

1.  Curley/Driggers

2.  Apperson/Lavin

3.  Blalock/Buschert

4.  Knepper/Lisinsky

5.  Corwin/McKlveen and Kustowski

6.  Takats/Davis

7.  Groves/Grealish

8.  Jensrud/Lively

9.  Norvell/Nozolino and Allison

10.   Powell/ Nolan

11. Griesi/McCarthy

12.  Rose/Carsen

13.  Brunette/Cofer

14. Gordon/King (Nabywaniec)


If you are a new family in need of a "Big Fish" family- please let me know ASAP.    Please also remember that ANY of the Flying Fish families are available to answer questions, steer you in the right direction, and to help you make sense of the swim meets (especially the first one!  it can be quite crazy!).  So please never hesitate to grab one of us and ask!

Be on the lookout for signups for Team Dinner for Friday June 22nd!