Spring Ridge Events

If you would like to see what events your child will be swimming tomorrow, here's how you can do it:

1. Click on Events tab.

2. Under the June 16 Spring Ridge Meet, click on Edit commitment.

3.  Scroll down, and there you have it!  Isn't technology (sometimes) wonderful?

Also, in the directions to the meet, I neglected to say TURN LEFT on SPring Ridge Parkway.  Here are the amended directions:

Take I-70 East to exit 56.  Turn left onto MD 144 East.  Follow 1.6 miles to Spring Ridge entrance on Spring Ridge Parkway.  Turn left.  Go up hill, and at 4-way stop, turn left at Visitors Center.   Pool is behind the Visitors Center. Do not park at Professional Park or La Petite.  Extra parking is at the Spring Ridge Elementary school.

* * Go Barracudas!! * *