Indoor Rock climbing fundraiser and team builder

CAST is climbing the walls at Solid Rock Gym in Old Town



Saturday, January 31st

Open Gym for CAST 7pm-10pm

Tickets are $15 each—available for purchase online or at the pool on Tuesday, January 27th from 3:45 to 6pm . Please note that if you purchase your tickets online, a list will be available at the door with the purchaser’s name to be checked off. Also note that $10 of each ticket sold will be credited toward your annual fund raising requirement.


All swimmers are strongly encouraged to come climb the walls and hang out with your teammates and challenge your coaches to climb!  You can also buy a ticket for your friends and family to join in the fun.  We only have 120 tickets to sell so be sure to get yours today. 


No experience is necessary…..everyone can climb!  You may climb at any age, but must be 10 years old or older to belay (so we need a few parents or older siblings to purchase tickets to belay for the younger set!)  All climbers need to wear tennis shoes and bring a signed waiver to the gym….please print the waiver attachment on the event page of the website.


Parents are welcome to come to climb or watch but will need a ticket.


Please see the event page on the website for more information including volunteer opportunities.