5 CAST swimmers to compete at USA Swimming's Olympic Trials

5 CAST swimmers to compete at USA Swimming's Olympic Trials.

Olympic trials is the highest level meet held for US swimmers. With something like 300,000 competitive swimmers in the US, this meet represents approximately the top 150 in the nation in their respective events. Swimmers who make it this far have worked for years to get there. In 2004 CAST sent it's first swimmer - Noah White - to Olympic Trials. In 2008, Rachel Heim and Justin Difederico attended the meet. This time areound we have 5 swimmers representing CAST! Tommy Anderson, Sarah Nowaski, Evan Simoni, Brandon Meier, and Justin DiFederico.

Here is what and when they'll be swimming:

Monday 400IM: Tommy Anderson, Justin Difederico (although justin may not swim in order to save energy for his 200 fly).

Tuesday: no swims

Wednesday 200 Fly: Justin Difederico

Thursday 200 Fly: Sarah Nowaski   200 Breast: Brandon Meier

Friday 200 Back: Tommy Anderson  200 IM Evan Simoni

Saturday and Sunday no swims.

Some of the swimmers may also swim a time trial or two when there.

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