Barracuda Apparel for sale

Barracuda Families:

We have Barracuda Spirit Wear available for sale at practices and swim meets. You can still order anything from our vendor if we don't have an item in our possession. Order forms and team catalog can be found on our website under the Documents tab. In our possession now are:

PJ Pants (XL- qty 1, XXL- qty 1) $24.00ea

Athletic Shorts (XS-qty 2, S- qty 2) $15.00ea

Hoodie (Adult XL- qty 1) $25.00ea

Silicone Caps (One size-qty 10) $14.00ea

Visors (One size-qty 9) $14.00ea

Tie Dye Shirt (YM-qty 1, Adult XL-qty 2, Adult XXL- qty 1) $15.00ea

Swim suits: (qty 1 for each size)

Men's Waterpro (Size 28, 30, 32, 36, 38) $32.00ea

Men's Speedo (Size 24, 26) $42.00ea

Women's Waterpro (Size 22, 26, 40) $35.00ea

Women's Speedo (Size 28) $55.00

Items will be for sale at practices and during the first half of our meets.

Thanks - Barracuda Swim Team Board