Congratulations, swimmers!

 Hello Swimmers!

In this message, the coaches want to give some praise and recognition to all you Barracuda swimmmers! 

First of all, I want to let everyone know who our Swimmer of the Week award winners are:

Week 1: Trevor Lyons, Campbell Caldwell, Leah Koltz & Eric Darby

Week 2: Serena Shirsekar, Ethan Schmiel, Surabhi Bhat & Taylor Bromwell. 

These swimmers were hard workers or exemplified good sportsmanship.  Great Job Swimmers!


Next I want to talk about the meet.  I was very happy with our first two meets.  Just about everyone improved from week to week.  It's exciting to me to see kids learn things in the pool during practice, and WANT to try them in the meet (for example, the butterfly!).  It  came as no surprise to me that after all of your hard work on breaststroke last week, we had 4 new All-Star meet qualifiers in the Breaststroke.  Hard work DOES pay off!   Keep up the good work!!

On  another note, the Olympic Trials for swimming began this morning.  If you are interested in knowing more about the Trials, check out the website  The finals every day will be televised on NBC from 8- 9 pm.  Preliminaries will be on NBCSports from 6:30 - 8.  Go Team USA!!

Coach Rogers:  I'm very proud of the good sportsmanship our team has been demonstrating.  I especially like the older kids cheering for their younger teammates.

Coach Chelsea:  I'm impressed with the hard work at practice, and the support our swimmers show each other at meets!

Coach Sarah: Everyone has gotten better with listening and working harder at practices.  I'm proud to see the improvement at meets!

Coach Kameryn: I'm proud of the swimmers' enthusiasm and love of swimming.  They have really improved their streamlines!


Rachael Bostian: 50 FR

Bobby Bromwell: 25 FR

Lizzie Brown: 25 & 50 FR, 25 BR & 100 IM

Kameryn Corcoran: 50 BR

Raegan Corcoran: 50 BR

Olivia Edsall: 50 BR

Luke Finemore: 50 BR

Thomas Hartinger: 25 BK

Julia Heckler: 25 FR

Max Kosch: 25 BK & 50 FR

Brigid Pugh: 25 FR

Chelsea Rossick: 50 Bk, 50 Fly, 100 FR & 100 IM

Morgan Weaver: 50 FR & 50 BR

Peyton Weaver: 50 & 100 FR, 50 BK & 50 BR.


Coach Holly