USA Swimming Grand Prix meet

The Long Beach Grand Prix meet started tonight with the 1000 freestyles. This is the 3rd year of this meet. It is a meet filled with very fast swimmers including many Olympians. We are fortunate to have 9 swimmers attending the meet this year. If you are a swimming fan and have the opportunity to come up and watch sometime this weekend, you will be treated so some of the fastest swimming you’ve ever seen live. The meet is at the Belmont Plaza pool in Long beach with finals beginning at 5:00 pm each night through Monday (although Monday’s start is 4:00 pm).

Tonight Jessica Heim started the meet off with a fantastic swim. In dropping over 4 seconds in her 1000 freestyle she qualified for the World Championship Trials this summer. The qualifying times for WC Trials are harder than Olympic Trials cuts were last year!!! So congrats Jessi!!!! She finished in 4th place out of 47 swimmers .... the three who beat her were all olympians (2 American Olympians and 1 Singaopre Olympian). 

The meet continues tomorrow through Monday.