PLEASE READ!! Cavalier Meet Volunteers

Flying Fish Families-

The meet with Cavalier is going to be a hot one- so please remember to hydrate hydrate hydrate and as Steph said, if you have some sort of shade- bring it!

It is IMPERATIVE that everyone looks at the volunteer list for the meet to make sure that it is correct.  There is nothing more stressful than to have no-shows for volunteer slots or people telling me at the meet that they can't do what they signed up for.  It slows down the meet and tomorrow we definitely do NOT want to slow down the time we are in the heat!     cool

Things come up- naturally and we do understand.   But please check the list and if you make any changes-  please email me at [email protected] so I can adjust the jobs.

We still have a spot opened for TIME SCORER.  Please, if you have done it in the past or would like to know how to do it-  Herb Glembin is our Team Scorer and he does a great job letting the Time Scorers know what they are to do!    

Thanks so much for all the help !!