Team Dinner and Meet Reminders

Flying Fish Families-

Sorry this is lengthy- but it's a busy swim week!  Let's see what we have coming up. . .

1.  Friday - Team Dinner-  lots of slots left, please remember to sign up.  It's a fun way to get the kids pumped and ready to swim and it gives us a good start to prepping for our home meet.  Here's hoping the weather cooperates this time!

2.  Sat- Home meet vs Riverwalk:   LOTS of open slots.   Open slots make for a very very long meet.   Open slots make me very very nervous.  We can't run the meet if we don't have the volunteers.  If you are here, willing and able- please consider signing up.   It takes ALL of us to provide the best swim season for our kids.

Big spots to fill are:

     Announcer-  not the starter, but one who announces other things during the meet (events to check in at Clerk of Course, etc)

    Clerk of Course- zoo, chairs, EVERYWHERE!   This is where the meet will come to a screeching halt if we don't have parents to help get the swimmers to the correct lane at the correct time.   The more we have volunteering, the smoother and quicker and less chaotic the meet runs.

     Stroke and Turn-  would be GREAT to have one more to give our dedicated judges a break poolside.  I only need 1 for the second half.

     Runners-  Need 2 for 2nd half

     Timers-  I still need 4 more timers for the 2nd half!!!

 Team Scorer- need 1 for first 1/2-  get to stay in the air conditioning!!!

Concessions:    Plenty of slots still for concessions!  Home meet concessions are our 'bread and butter' so to speak - but it takes a village to keep the concession stand moving and successful!  Please consider helping out!

~We will need some volunteers to do some pre-meet help!   We need a few good volunteers for:

-make simple fruit salad

- make simple pasta salad (see below)

standard recipe:  If you don’t have one of the ingredients listed or let’s say cherry tomatoes are outrageously expensive, just leave them out.  Just don’t add onions.

 2 boxes tri color rotini (cooked, of course )

The rest is sort of “as you like it” or whatever you happen to have in the fridge…Sliced black olives (probably 1 large can will do), sliced cherry tomatoes, shredded carrots (1 small bag), shredded cheddar cheese (1 bag), Oil/vinegar Italian dressing (probably around ¼ cup).  Shake it up, put in large Ziploc bags and bring to clubhouse.

Please sign up ASAP and let me know if you can make pasta/fruit salad!   Thanks!!!

Go Fish!!!