Happy 4th of July from the coaches!

Swimmers & families,

Coach Holly    It was a memorable week for swimming, highlighted by the Olympic Trials.  We had our own Olympic trials, and I hope you all enjoyed getting a taste of what Olympians do!! It was especially exciting to see Barracudas watch the fastest swimmers and try to copy their strokes.  That is how greatness begins!   

This week we are focusing on building up swimming endurance.  We have less than three weeks until Divisionals.   Let's use them to get stronger!     Have a great 4th of July!   

Coach Rogers I was sorry to miss the meet, but I heard you all did well!  Good job!

Coach Chelsea  Maybe we didn't score the most points at the meet, but we showed the most team support.  We're improving every week.  Practice is really important these last three weeks - come!!

Coach Kameryn  This week everyone did a great job doing streamlines off the walls.  Everyone improved drastically on their dives.  It was awesome.

Coach Sarah I was really excited to see how enthusiastic the swimmers were at this past meet.  I love to see you cheering on your teammates, and being proud to be part of this team.

CONGRATULATIONS to this week's Swimmer of the Week winners:  Ricky Cicmanec, Grace Rudy, James Bongard and Reilly Campbell.

SPECIAL CONGRATULATIONS to the swimmers who qualified at Holly Hills for the All-Star meet:

Kameryn Corcoran 50 FR

Luke Finamore 50 FR

Kayla Burgess 50 FR

Max Kosch 50 BR

Julia Heckler 50 FR

Morgan Weaver 50 BR

Sarah Weltman 50 BK

On another note, these swimmers have pictures to pick up at the pool:  Dempsey, Harris, Earle & Silard.  They are in the ribbon box behind the guard desk.  Or pick them up the next time you practice.

                                                          * * * * * * G O  B  A R A C U  D A S !!  * * * * *